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I've played GT Sport more than any other GT game. However since PD is clearly not interested in improving the penalty system or online rating system after leaving it in such a broken state races are now free for all, I now avoid GT Sport.

GT5 is back on top for best experience. It had dynamic time and weather as well and great online racing in lobbies. Somehow the lobbies in GT Sport feel worse, GT5 was much more fun with shuffle races and better balancing options. GT5 also had a much better campaign, procedural rally races, track editor, weekly challenges for extra credits. It had it all, but PD chose to throw it all away for FIA.

My hopes for GT7
- Dynamic time and weather return
- Full PSVR2 support
- Fully overhauled SR/DR/penalty system
- More variation in online racing
- (Procedural) rally returns
- Nascar returns

Last edited by SvennoJ - on 08 March 2021