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More Smurfs reboot. I'm glad they changed Smurfette to a badass instead of just a generic bimbo like she used to be.

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the Mandalorian

Just saw Scream VI in theaters. I'm happy to say that it's an improvement on the already fantastic fifth Scream and now my favorite in the franchise. The ending may have been the most surprising in the franchise. It's serious and sinister tone is right up my alley and it features some incredible set pieces with excellent editing and tense atmosphere. It subverts expectations at every corner.
Even better than Halloween 2018, so maybe my favorite slasher now.

Scream 5

Good fun; 3 and 4 didn't really appeal to me, but this one felt like a worthy successor that effectively blended old and new. It walked the tightrope between serious and parody with few wobbles, and it was great to see Neve Campbell in action one last time.


Refreshingly original and idiosyncratic. The finale was a bit anticlimactic, but on the whole an entertaining ride.

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1. Shrinking - Still watching and caught up, the last episode was great.

2. Dickinson - this one wasn’t my choice. It’s about American poet I’ve never even heard of, I was wondering to myself “How could this possibly be interesting?” But I think all the anachronisms makes it quite entertaining, kind of like A Knights Tale. The series is complete and is around 30 episodes long, starring Hailey Steinfeld (the voice actress who played Anna from When Marnie was There, at least that’s what I know her from)

3. Picard - I’m on season 1, it’s not so much a Star Trek than an Asimovian style science fiction story taking place in the Star Trek universe (and some elements of Blade Runner). It also delves deeper into Romulan society than any other show before, explaining the difference in look and attitude between the Romulans in TNG and TOS as being a racial-cultural thing. The Northerners being the rougher more militaristic ones we see in TNG, and the Southerners being the more human-like ones we see in TOS. There is also some racism, at least from the Southerners to the Northerners. If watching a Star Trek episode first, I’d say Offspring from TNG is the best one to kind of kick off the story, it also discusses events of Nemesis, but these are more to set up why Data isn’t there—and Synthetics are incredibly important to this story. The story of the first season was written by Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Chabon (known, outside of his films and writing for his criticism of the state of short fiction being dominated by the trend of plotless “moment of truth” stories). Anyway, without spoiling much, Picard starts with a mysterious girl arriving at his home, she’s hunted by the Romulan Tal Shiar, she has hidden abilities, additionally, it’s discovered that synthetic life plays a strong role in the story: synthetics had been banned by Star Fleet, and Picard had a difference of opinion which led to his resignation and loss of faith in Star Fleet. These are the elements of the ground floor of the mystery that they’re uncovering.

4. Star Trek Discovery - Just started this one, it’s much more a classic Star Trek style show merged with Battle Star Galactica feeling with the aesthetic of Star Trek 2009. Not much about this one, other than it seems to deal with the conflict between the Klingons and the Federation, and I’m pretty sure it’s the one that happened right before the events of TOS. This one is made by the guy that made Star Trek 2009. It’s less my style of show than Picard, but I like the whole cast. Despite the criticism of the show, I’m finding it more consistently good than any previous Star Trek series (except TOS, which I find is only held back by its low 1960s production values, but is great in almost every episode if you use your imagination a little).

5. Bob’s Burgers - A classic Simpsons style show with its own unique style of humour. I’ve seen hundreds of episodes, and the show is much more consistent than the Simpsons or South Park. Simpsons and South Park may look kind of the same, but the sorts of stories and humour seem to move with the times - Bob’s Burgers is fairly static where it is.

6. Paper Girls (EDIT) - recommended this one by the Kevin Smith podcast. Almost forgot it… this one is great! It starts off like Stranger Things, except is probably a little more reminiscent to how kids actually acted in the 80s (a little more attitude). One of the girls has the same style as Edward Furlong’s John Conner. It’s unfortunate the show was cancelled after 8 episodes. It was very well received by critics, but wasn’t popular enough. I think it’s great, has a very interesting setup, and I just saw something REALLY awesome stores in a silo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s basically the plan for this month.

I’m not overly familiar with Amazon. Is it similar to Netflix? As in a graveyard of unfinished shows?

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9-1-1 Line Star. The weird shit these first responders have to deal with sometimes, some of which could be more likely to happen in real life than we think. *points to frog storm from the season 4 premier*

Babylon 5 for the first time and watched the best Sonic movie again. The 90s animated one.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Remake Geist Force SEGA!/Remake Omega Boost Sony!

Finished watching Ms Marvel and have to say, its become my most favorite MCU TV show.

Likeable characters, great casting and better written storyline imo.

I'm on episode 4 of Moon Knight but man its boring in comparison - thankfully episode 4 so far is better than the first 3 eps.

Saw previews of She-hulk...going into low expectations....

I have quite a few names to check off:

Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey-Yes, I finally got around to watching this out of morbid curiosity (online, you didn't think I'd pay to watch that shit, did you?) and let me just say: for everyone hoping it'd be one of those "so bad it's good" movies, I'm here to tell you... it's not, it's just bad, really, really, reeeeeeeeeally bad (to the shock of nobody). It's awful across the board. Everything about it is bad, and not in a "good" way. The characters are all flat, useless and stupid with no depth whatsoever (except for one via a stalker subplot that goes nowhere and that’s literally it for character development) with horrendous shaky cam and lighting that makes it impossible to see WTF is happening (it was so dark, I couldn’t see shit and the few kills that were visible had really bad CGI blood) and really bad editing that splices shots from other sets together at certain points (I wish I was making this up). And to top it all off, scenes literally dragged on longer than needed to get it to the required minimum runtime.

Way to go, you make an exploitation horror flick out of a beloved childhood character purely for shock value and you can't even get that right. Or maybe it was to hide the skin underneath those cheap Dollar Store Pooh and Piglet masks, unclear. And BTW: it's so clearly guys in masks who just happen to be plastic-faced anthropomorphic animals per the movie's story.

But then again, the director flat out admitted he was never interested in making a good or even entertaining-bad/so-bad-it's-good movie out of this in his Reddit AMA that they're strangely censoring hateful comments on, so there you go.

Scream VI-Saw this opening night and loved it. Easily the best of the sequels and it might even have a case for best Scream movie, period. The opening Ghostface call alone was more engaging than anything in V (not that V was bad, it was just pretty "meh") and it was a marked improvement in terms of characters, and as an added bonus, the kills were BRUTAL! Probably the best the series has had to offer up to this point, though I must say the killer reveals were rather predictable (you can easily guess 2 of them right off the bat) and it was approaching Fast and the Furious levels of ridiculous with how much guys were able to survive being gutted in this. That kinda took me out of it a little bit.

John Wick 1-3: rewatching the first 3 John Wick movies in preparation for John Wick: Chapter 4 tomorrow. Not much needs to be said about these movies: this is the best Keanu has looked (no, not in that way) in ages. This series has blessed me with some of the best gun and fight scenes of any franchise in action movie history and I don't doubt Chapter 4 will end the series with a bang.

But on a side note, go watch Keanu's freak out scene in Knock Knock if you want something that's truly so bad it's good. "IT WAS FREE PIZZA!" gets me every time. -:D

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The Adventures of Tintin

A fun and nicely old fashioned romp. Really got the sense that both the cast and Spielberg were enjoying the hell out of themselves with this one.


It's no Citizen Kane, but for a blockbuster it's an admirably competent look at one of the most important yet overlooked battles in modern history. The climactic action is well executed, and I appreciate that it portrays the war as suitably grim rather than glorious and doesn't reduce the Japanese to evil caricatures.

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023. (And over 130 million lifetime)