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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Bloomberg- Dragon Age 4 no longer GaaS, now singleplayer only

So, for those unfamiliar with the story of Dragon Age 4's development, it was previously reported that Bioware began work on a build of Dragon Age 4 codenamed Joplin immediately after Dragon Age Inquisition released in 2014. The Joplin build of Dragon Age 4 was singleplayer only, set in the Tevinter Imperium, and was running on the same build of Frostbite as Dragon Age Inquisition. However, the Joplin build had slowed development due to members of it's development team being pulled off of Joplin to assist with the Mass Effect Andromeda launch fiasco and crunch leading up to the release of Anthem. 

Jason Schreier reported that EA cancelled the Joplin build of Dragon Age 4 in 2018, and Bioware started development on a new build of Dragon Age 4 codenamed Morrison, which would reuse the setting, story, and art assets of the Joplin build in order to speed up development. Morrison, unlike Joplin, was not singleplayer only but instead was a games as a service title with an integrated multiplayer component, because EA wanted to be able to monetize the game after release, and it was running on the newer Anthem build of the engine rather than the older Dragon Age Inquisition build of the engine like Joplin. The GaaS Morrison build of DA4 has been in development since late 2018, it was the Morrison build that was officially announced with the teaser trailer at The Game Awards 2018. 

Well, today Bloomberg is reporting that EA made the decision a few months ago to remove the GaaS mechanics from the Morrison build of Dragon Age 4 and make it singleplayer only:

EA decided to remove the multiplayer GaaS mechanics from Dragon Age 4 due to the success of the singleplayer only Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which sold over 10m copies in just the first 4 months, as well as the failure of the multiplayer, GaaS Anthem. 

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Wait... am I supposed to clap... ?

Dulfite said:

Wait... am I supposed to clap... ?

Well, on the one hand, this greatly increases the chances of Dragon Age 4 being a successful, good game. On the other hand, it's pretty shitty that EA previously cancelled a singleplayer build of Dragon Age 4 in favor of a multiplayer, games as a service build of Dragon Age 4. So I guess we can applaud the fact that EA is trying to improve while criticizing the fact that they let themselves become so bad in the first place. 

Yeah... this sounds more and more like the late save they tried with Anthem. Honestly, I doubt that Bioware has the talent under their wings to pull off a truly great game ever again. I am more than happy to eat crow sometimes in the future if my prediction turns out incorrect, but at this point on I doubt it.

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What kinda of fucking idiot wanted to turn a rpg into gaas , dragon age always sold good...


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ClassicGamingWizzz said:

What kinda of fucking idiot wanted to turn a rpg into gaas , dragon age always sold good...

Probably this guy right here with the punchable, smug face: 

EA CEO Andrew Wilson.

Dulfite said:

Wait... am I supposed to clap... ?

At EA? Rare, but kind of sounds like it wouldn't be completely unwarranted. Granted, the fact that GaaS was ever a possibility for something like Dragon Age is blasphemous, so we should really be looking to stop hating instead of starting to clap.

Wasted a nice chunk of money and dev time. At least the game will be running on a newer engine build.

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The title is a little misleading.

Dragon Age isn't being cancelled, it's being reworked.

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Thank fuck


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