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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Bloomberg- Dragon Age 4 no longer GaaS, now singleplayer only

Pemalite said:

The title is a little misleading.

Dragon Age isn't being cancelled, it's being reworked.

I think you misread the title. I said that they are cancelling plans to make it a GaaS game, not the game itself.

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Will wonders never cease. EA might actually be learning that trying to shoehorn GaaS crap into every game isn't the best idea.

Title did have me going at first. Good to hear, though this constant shuffling and redirecting reeks of mismanagement and doesn't inspire much confidence even without the GaaS BS.

Maybe there's hope for this title yet, Bioware is hanging by a thin, thin thread as is.

Anthem's failure might have scared EA enough to thinks twice about it and go back to its original plan. After all, EA also needs that Bioware makes a good game so they can keep using the name of the studio as a seal of quality for other projects.

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6 years or more to go around is a big circle and restart development twice. Good Job EA. Well done.

Hmm, pie.

So they are actually gonna try to make a good game, how quaint

Unbelievable level of mismanagement from EA.

It's been 7 years since Bioware released a decent game. They've had 3 games cancelled, and the fiasco of both Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem.


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