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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best game intro from the 90s / early 00s?

What's the best game intro from the 90s to early 00s? In console terms from SNES to PS2 era.

Some memorable intros:

Deux Ex (2000)

System Shock (1994)

Warcraft 2 (1995)

What's your favorite intro?

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Half-Life of course

I played that 3 times in a row on my then brand new surround system before starting the game

Donkey Kong Country. I get the same feeling each time I start it up to this day.

I still got chills watching this just now. The best version I could find is this 360p IGN upload. The 480p version had a bit of judder, and the 720p version was even worse. It may be the blurriest, but it's at least accurately smooth. Dead Or Alive Ultimate. X-Box. 2004

And to keep with the low rez fighting game intro theme. Soul Blade. PS1. 1998.

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I'm partial to Final Fantasy 10 myself. I just love that one.

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Suikoden III Opening - best quality - YouTube

This one is still special.

Really like the intro to Conker`s Bad Fur Day.

I dont know how to put youtube videos in the forums but...

On the SNES, I would give it to Tales of Phantasia.

I like this one:

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