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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Your verdict for the gaming year 2020?


Your verdict for the gaming year 2020?

Amazing 151 17.28%
Good 228 26.09%
Decent 218 24.94%
Mediocre 124 14.19%
Subpar 47 5.38%
Bad 38 4.35%
Terrible 68 7.78%

As a ps player it was good. I enjoyed maybe a bigger number of games than last year.
As a switch player it was bad. Very slow year, few games interested me, but Hades was a huge stand out.
Overall, decent.

Bonus: FF7r, TLOU2, GoT, Hades and to a lesser extent Nioh 2, Fall Guys, Spiritfarer and Crash 4.

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Probably one of the worst years for gaming. Spent 95% of the time replaying games.

Summary, next gen is pointless
Waiting for next gen turned out to be pointless
Should have kept my Xbox One X instead of selling it prematurely
TLOU2 is one of the worst sequels ever made
Not a single Xbox exclusive worth paying for
Doom Eternal was great

Rocket League is still the best game ever and I discovered Yakuza. So pretty good.

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I voted decent year. Nintendo had another one of their really bad years kinda like 2018, but worse. Animal Crossing and Age of Calamity were the only two Nintendo games I was interested in this year. Sure, I bought Xenoblade remake, but I've already played the hell out of the original so it gets tossed into Le Backlog.

MS as usual didn't have anything that interests me to bring to the table. At least not anything finished.

Cyberpunk was supposed to be this crazy giant epic game, and instead it's about on par with Ghost of Tsushima. But only if you don't play it on a base model console. I was expecting a 95/100 epic RPG. Still an amazing game though. Just not on the level of Mario Odyssey, or Witcher 3, or those other 95/100 games.

Sony brought good stuff this year with GoT, TLoU2, Morales, Demon's Souls, and Sackboy. Then there's games like FF7 Remake, and Nioh 2 that came out for PS4.

Also Indie devs really brought some good stuff. But they always do. Hades, Spiritfarer, Bug Fables, Hunt Down, Streets of Rage 4, etc.

Seriously though, without Sony and Indie studios this would have been an abysmal year. And I'm not trying to give props to Sony here. TLoU2 and GoT were both majorly delayed. Both those games should have been out in 2019, which would have made 2020 a pretty mild year for Sony.

I voted good, but not amazing. Animal Crossing was my surprise of the year, as I never thought I would get sucked into a game like that. Xenoblade DE, REmake 3, and even Origami King have been very enjoyable to me as well.

I thoroughly enjoyed FFVIIR, even if the side quests were generic as hell. My experience with Cyberpunk has been positive as well playing in quality mode for Series X, but I feel conflicted about that because of the whole launch BS (another topic). Speaking of Series X, new hardware is also a plus!

Valhalla has been fun for the most part, but it drags on too far I feel. My biggest disappointment probably has to be TLoU2, as it also suffers from dragging on too much. The gameplay was good, but the story just felt like another generic revenge plot to me. Nothing wrong with it, I just found it boring.

Ah and who can forget the Mario 35th anniversary! I never played Sunshine or Galaxy before this year, so getting 3D All-stars was great for me.

Having said all that, with both ups and downs...there was no huge game that just blew me away like BotW, God of War, Persona 5, or Witcher 3 did. So I can't say it has been amazing.

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I'd say good. Some pretty great games that released this year, such as Ori 2, FF7 Remake, Ghost of Tsushima, AC Valhalla, and Cyberpunk 2077. There were some duds for sure, but overall a pretty good year I'd say.

Good but weird as well. I played plenty of games and quality ones at that when we began the year (Like almost 10 in 3 months which is huge for me), Spring/Summer was kind of a lol where I only played only 4 games though it had Xenoblade and Paper Mario The Origami King so it kinda catches up. Then I played Luigi's Mansion 3 .... and got bored halfway through (incredible I know) so nothing notable this autumn except for the Robotics; Notes Elite port.
Age of Calamity saves November but it isn't the savior like AC was this Spring so yeah ...

As for the year in general, Spring was strong despite what happened with the pandemic while the rest of the year varied from decent to bad states. Cyberpunk launch doesn't help in any way lol. Then the way the transition to the next gen has been done is quite bad or half-baked so far and will only be memorable for the scalpers who seemingly hurdled hald of the available stocks, it looks like ...

No seriously, decent overall but REAAAAALLY weird as well. I'm expecting 2021 to be far better.

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Gaming-wise it's been great.
Though, I've mostly played titles of tha past 2 two years.

I loved Hades, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Demon's Souls Remake

I enjoyed Ghost of Tsushima.

Looking forward to play Nioh 2, immortals fenyx rising, and maybe Cyberpunk sometime next year.

I don't usually love 3 games in the same year. So I'll vote amazing.

Gotta say good, but flawed. PS4 carried this year for me thanks to many disappointments on Nintendo's end.

Best titles: Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Ghost of Tsushima, Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Bug Fables was great too. But that's cheating I suppose since it was only a 2020 release for consoles. It came out on Windows last year.

It was a weaker year than 2017, 2018, and 2019. I blame that on the PS4 winding down, Nintendo's droughts, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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