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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Your verdict for the gaming year 2020?


Your verdict for the gaming year 2020?

Amazing 151 17.28%
Good 228 26.09%
Decent 218 24.94%
Mediocre 124 14.19%
Subpar 47 5.38%
Bad 38 4.35%
Terrible 68 7.78%

I voted Bad, been buying older titles most of the year. I haven't bought a single game at full price this year. My most anticipated release, not only of the year but of the past 3-4 years, launched with immense issues, which was a also a major damper on 2020 for my part. Also, due to the pandemic, the boredom has set in stronger due to spending even more time on my PC this year.

A lot of cool games were announced or shown in semi-finished form though, so I hope and think that next year will be better.

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I haven't played anything from this year, so that'd make it qualify for terrible, I guess. But that's always the case, I very rarely play new games, so I actually could say that all my gaming years from a certain point onwards have been terrible.

Overall, I think I'd say decent, leaning more towards good than mediocre.

I'm mostly a lurker now.

We got Kratos and Master Chief in Fortnite so I have no choice but to rate this year a 10/10 amazing