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I voted good, but not amazing. Animal Crossing was my surprise of the year, as I never thought I would get sucked into a game like that. Xenoblade DE, REmake 3, and even Origami King have been very enjoyable to me as well.

I thoroughly enjoyed FFVIIR, even if the side quests were generic as hell. My experience with Cyberpunk has been positive as well playing in quality mode for Series X, but I feel conflicted about that because of the whole launch BS (another topic). Speaking of Series X, new hardware is also a plus!

Valhalla has been fun for the most part, but it drags on too far I feel. My biggest disappointment probably has to be TLoU2, as it also suffers from dragging on too much. The gameplay was good, but the story just felt like another generic revenge plot to me. Nothing wrong with it, I just found it boring.

Ah and who can forget the Mario 35th anniversary! I never played Sunshine or Galaxy before this year, so getting 3D All-stars was great for me.

Having said all that, with both ups and downs...there was no huge game that just blew me away like BotW, God of War, Persona 5, or Witcher 3 did. So I can't say it has been amazing.

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