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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Your verdict for the gaming year 2020?


Your verdict for the gaming year 2020?

Amazing 151 17.28%
Good 228 26.09%
Decent 218 24.94%
Mediocre 124 14.19%
Subpar 47 5.38%
Bad 38 4.35%
Terrible 68 7.78%

Simple question to close out the year 2020: How has it been as a gaming year for you? To be more specific, this question is about products that released during 2020 (games, consoles, accessories), so if you've played good games that were released before 2020, don't factor them into your answer.


Bonus question: Which 2020 releases have been your favorites? This question isn't limited to a single game, so you can give a nod to everything that stood out positively in your opinion.

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Pretty great.

Nioh 2 carried the entire year, I didn't expect it to top an already awesome Nioh. But the devs managed to pull it off and it only took them 3 years between the two releases. I would be quite ecstatic if Nioh 3 released in 2023. Other games were good too, but I want to leave the spotlight on Nioh 2, because it deserves it.


Mostly played non-2020 games

Subpar-to-bad, like the rest of the rest of the 8th generation. And the new generation looks set to be the same.

I voted terrible (but then regreted my choice) but mostly because I haven't played any 2020 game this year (beside Doom Eternal).

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Subpar. Between the pandemic and many studios gearing up to the next gen, very few games have interested me this year.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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It was a pretty fantastic year on PlayStation! Final Fantasy VII Remake, Ghost Of Tsushima, Dreams, GOTY The Last of Us Part II.

That and the PS5 coming out strong. Can't wait to get one - hopefully they can restock soon.

Next year is shaping up to be just as good- maybe even better with potential God Of War Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West, Ratchet & Clank, GT7 all coming out.

Amazing , 2 games released this year in my top 3 of this generation. If cyberpunk delievered instead of fucking it up this could have benn the best year in gaming.

Games i played this year: botw, finished gow, ffremake, the last of us as the best game of the generation and ghosts of tsushima, now i need something to end this year but nintendo store does not have anything worth it on promos like usual and psn deals is for games i played already. I might pick death stranding but i probably will regret it


Amazing. The Last of Us ll becoming my ultimate game ever and Ghost of Tsushima mesmerising me with its set pieces and visuals and Dreams for the infinite potential and Crash freakin Bandicoot 4!!

Subpar, but bodes well for the future.

In terms of actual game releases this year wasn't that good. But in terms of moving away from exclusives it's been a great year.

In terms of best releases, I'd probably say Gears Tactics was the highlight for me. I really enjoyed that and really hope it continues, DLC would be nice, but a full fledged sequel would be even better.