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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which dormant fighting series should make a comeback?

As the title asks, which one?

For me personally it would have to be Bloody Roar. So many memories of bloody roar 2 with friends and family.

Was my favorite fighting game for the console right behind Tekken 3.

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Virtua Fighter. I liked it better than Tekken.


Used to love those games.

Fatal Fury


Rival Schools

Playstation All Stars Battle Royale

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The Easy Sega 3

Virtua Fighter

New Eternal Champions

New Fighters Mega Mix

Power Stone, literally the only Party/Fighting contender that isn’t Smash-like

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Bloody roar and fatal fury.

I'm hoping Sega's recent teaser turns out to be Virtua Fighter 6. I downloaded VF5FS and have been playing around to familiarize myself with its systems just in case.

Power Stone 1/2 then Capcom vs SNK 2

Don't even have to change them at all, just rerelease them with online play.