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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which dormant fighting series should make a comeback?

In no particular order:

Power Stone
Bloody roar
Fight night

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I want them to make a sequel to Smash X All Stars. That game was great when it released in 2037 for the Nintendo Switchstation. It's been 12 years and I'm sick of waiting for the sequel! We can have Kanye as a President, Tesla go bankrupt because of nuking Mars, and Covid-19 is still around because viruses mutate, but we can't have a sequel to that gem? Get off your high horse Reggie! Just because you became president of NinSony doesn't give you the right to stop taking names!

Fatal Fury
Rival School
The Last Blade

Double Dragon :)

Darkstalkers with the Street Fighter V treatment.


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Virtua Fighter, which is making a comeback thankfully.


The Bouncer.

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Dead Or Alive. Never liked any other fighting series.

Street Fighter haven't seen a new release in over a decade