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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What price do you usually pay for your games?


What price do you usually pay for your games?

(Almost) always original MSRP 50 8.17%
Mostly original MSRP, partially discounted 95 15.52%
Roughly an even split 83 13.56%
Mostly discounted, partially original MSRP 155 25.33%
(Almost) always discounted 204 33.33%
I don't buy any games 25 4.08%

My backlog is so big that I can almost always afford to wait for budget editions, or even better, heavy discounts on collection and GotY editions including all the major expansions and DLCs. BTW, before 7th gen Italian versions of PC games always were very late, my first gaming purchase on Amazon was Morrowind GotYE, that in UK already was 50% discounted when here the basic version without expansions still was full priced. Before Amazon, I used to buy UK, and later Italian too, gaming magazines bundled with games. I have both Steam (probably now lost, after finishing Half-Life and expansions and upgrading the PC, I haven't reinstalled the client after the problems the early versions gave) and GOG accounts, but I always prefer physical or GOG versions to Steam ones.

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I've only bought 5 full priced games in the last 3 years.
On PC I normally buy games on discount on Steam or from key shops.
On console I mostly buy used on facebook marketplace or form other second hand platforms.
As for AVG prices I'd say 15€ to 25€ for Ps4 games, 20€ to 35€ for switch games, 5€ to 20€ for PC games.

Usually discounted. For consoles, about 20$ or so, for PC games, around 15-20$. Mind you, I buy lots of older games. I have no issue paying full price for a new game if I really want it, but very few games are tempting enough at release to make me shell out. The only platform where I pay mostly full price is the Switch; but this is simply down to prices never going down, and it's also why I've only bought 3 games for it since I got mine (besides the two contained in the bundle).

Up until a few years ago, I never paid MSRP for any game other than Halo titles. Nowadays, I buy maybe 1/5 of my games at MSRP, and the rest I wait for discounts.

I don't know my software spend this year, but its probably not more than $250. But, I did just buy a Series S at retail and a Series X from a scalper. So, there's $1025 of hardware right there. I'll probably sell the Series S though, which might bring the net down to ~$700.

I always wait, not because of the price but because of bugs. I jump in once the bugs have mostly been ironed out and at that point, there usually is a chance to get a nice discount as well, so win-win.

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Most games I pay about 10USD, a range from 5-20 usually. And that may make 90% of my gaming purchase. Digital titles I only buy if they are severely discounted, I don't care about collecting or will take a very long time for the physical to be cheap and I want to play now and the offer is very good.
I guess I bought 2 full priced games this year (TLOU2 and GoT) so 120USD on that, plus 10 or 15 discounted games that perhaps would put me at a total around 300 USD. So perhaps if I was to look my full library in money expend it would be more for near MSRP, but on number of games bought the 90% would apply for dirty cheap.

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Never above £50. For big games either as presents or £35 or below.
Digital only £20 or less, and nearly alwys on sale, never full price.

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Depends on the game. If it's a game I'm really looking forward to, I will usually get it on day one at full price, but if it's a lower-priority title, I'll usually wait a while for when the price goes down (well, except for Nintendo games, which usually stay at full price for a very long time). I've purchased eight games this year. Half of them I bought at full price while the others I bought for $30 or less on Black Friday.


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Depends on the game.

I'd pay full price for titles I feel are must have (IE. GTA, God of War) but most of the time I wait for sales in the $25 - 30 range.

Well in the 360 era I brought most games (25+) a year on release day so £35 ish.

XO era I skipped most launch days so would spend anywhere between £15- £40

I have only braught 9 games since 2019 including 2 PS4 games. Only one of them was a launch buy (mk11U) for £38

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