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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What price do you usually pay for your games?


What price do you usually pay for your games?

(Almost) always original MSRP 50 8.17%
Mostly original MSRP, partially discounted 95 15.52%
Roughly an even split 83 13.56%
Mostly discounted, partially original MSRP 155 25.33%
(Almost) always discounted 204 33.33%
I don't buy any games 25 4.08%

Never above £50. For big games either as presents or £35 or below.
Digital only £20 or less, and nearly alwys on sale, never full price.

Hmm, pie.

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Depends on the game.

I'd pay full price for titles I feel are must have (IE. GTA, God of War) but most of the time I wait for sales in the $25 - 30 range.

Well in the 360 era I brought most games (25+) a year on release day so £35 ish.

XO era I skipped most launch days so would spend anywhere between £15- £40

I have only braught 9 games since 2019 including 2 PS4 games. Only one of them was a launch buy (mk11U) for £38

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Full wack. The price you pay for Nintendo games.

The other consoles, I just buy when I go pickup my Nintendo preorders, so whatever the price is at the time.



Almost always full price.
I haven't bought much this year, Dreams, Streets of Rage 4, Tlou2, Creaks, Cuphead, FS2020 (special edition CAD 160)

FS2020 is still early access imo, but according to Steam it has been running on my laptop for 1,387 hours already. 694 hours flying time logged in game of which 582 hours on auto pilot. The in game logging is still bugged though, missing over 25% of my landings and likely flight time.

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my flow chart for games:
is it a nintendo game?
-> if yes, full price unless black friday is around the corner
is it a game series i really really like?
-> if yes, launch day buy, possibly with a 10$ discount
->wait untill 30$ or less

Games I pay more than 10 € for are quite rare, i.e. I mostly buy games when they're discounted. PC is my main platform and I'm not exactly a huge fan of paying very significant sums for games with DRM and zero replay value. Luckily I've largely managed to avoid games with DRM (other than Steamworks). On consoles I'm willing to pay more, in part because the prices simply are higher, and in part because there's actual resale value. That said, PC is my main platform like I said, so I buy relatively few console games at all.

Almost always discounted, and often if there are no discounts or they aren't big enough I'll even buy the games second hand, even if they are relatively new. Last time I paid the full 60€ MSRP was in like 2016 or so

Almost always for 5 to 10 daalas. My psychological barrier is 30, I don't think any game is worth more than that.

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Deus Ex (2000) - a game that pushes the boundaries of what the video game medium is capable of to a degree unmatched to this very day.

Almost always full price.