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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What price do you usually pay for your games?


What price do you usually pay for your games?

(Almost) always original MSRP 50 8.17%
Mostly original MSRP, partially discounted 95 15.52%
Roughly an even split 83 13.56%
Mostly discounted, partially original MSRP 155 25.33%
(Almost) always discounted 204 33.33%
I don't buy any games 25 4.08%

I never wait for cheaper prices for a game I want to play. Sometimes I won't get to a game till it has already dropped in price, or I might impulse buy if it is discounted, but I never go out of my way to wait. I just buy it for whatever price it is when I decide I want to play it.

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Those 9 people on a video games sales website who never buy any games must really love sales. =P

(Or have very generous friends.)

I'm mostly a lurker now.

Verter said:

Those 9 people on a video games sales website who never buy any games must really love sales. =P

(Or have very generous friends.)

Well, there are free games... and 'free' games, if you know where to look, so there's that too. Still, nine sounds like a lot for a site like this.

I typically pay full price, usually pre-order the complete edition of games.

There are occasions that when I will buy a game at discount or play it via PS Now or Game Pass. These are typically games I am on the fence about or vaguely interested in. If they impress me, I will buy the DLC and give the next release a pre-order to give back. The two biggest examples of this that come to mind are Just Cause 2 and The Crew. Just Cause 2 was a PS+ title, I absolutely loved it, and I have bought each game since in full. The Crew I grabbed for $10 and spent 50+ hours with it, so I grabbed the Ultimate Edition of The Crew 2.

Mostly, I prefer to support the industry as much as possible, as it is my favorite form of entertainment, enjoyment, and relaxation.

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$20 or less. Game prices depreciate faster then a car lol, makes little sense to buy right away. At the same time I play any Xbox 1st party game I want via GP.

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I used to buy my games day 1 at full price.
But not anymore.
Paying for profit margins is giving away money without getting anything in return
Also, with how many copies big(ger) and Nintendo games sell, the development cost share will be payed off quickly.
So why should I spend money for something that has already been payed off?

The price at which I buy a game can be calculated as follows:
Price = MSRP - profit margin(s) - development cost per game

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$15-$25 for PS4/PC games roughly 6+ months after release, $30-60 for Switch games (first day for first party titles I am excited about, later for everything else.)

Its a mix of Full Price and sale prices for me.

Mostly discounted for me, even if a small discount.
I maybe buy 2 games a year at full MSRP.

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Full price for most big Japanese games, premium price for niche titles, steeply discounted prices for everything else.