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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Perfect Dark Returns!

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Did you enjoy then new Trailer?

Loved it! 30 60.00%
Its okay.. 13 26.00%
Hated it 7 14.00%

Used to be absolutely addicted to the Nintendo 64 game back in the day... Then when Microsoft bought RARE, this was one of many reasons on why I grabbed an Original Xbox, for a Perfect Dark game.
Eventually Perfect Dark Zero got pushed onto the Xbox 360, which was fine...

This has been far to many years waiting for another release, absolutely keen.

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Excited for more Perfect Dark.


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Together with Fallout New Vegas 2, a new Perfect Dark was my most wanted game from Microsoft.

Looking forward to see gameplay.

Excited to see gameplay, but I didn't like that trailer. Whatever that zooming camera trick is didn't appeal to me. Seemed overly innovative when I would have preferred a traditional trailer.

PotentHerbs said:

This is coming from a reliable Xbox insider:

- 3rd Person stealth action game in a Cyberpunk setting, core is on stealth.
- Rand heard it is based on seasonal content, not sure what it means but knows ''Episodic'' doesn't fit what they are doing
- Not a cinematic game, don't expect a Uncharted/TLOU like project
- Jez says that the ''AAAA'' stuff created wrong expectations, studio is meant to be small and nimble(I don't know what this means), not trying to do a ''GOW Killer'' or whatever.
- He says that they are going to do experimental formulas, they are going to be more similar to Remedy rather than Naughty Dog or other bigger studios.
- Rand says that the episodic stuff falls more in line with the Black Mirror comparison(From Xbox ERA), independent ''episodes'' connected in the overall scheme of things.
- Expect to hear about it soon, maybe TGA.

Sounds promising aside from the "seasonal" content. That's open to interpretation though.

I would suggest not putting too much faith into these insiders considering how hard they were pushing it being a TPS. The episodic "seasonal" stuff turned out to be more of a prediction than insider knowledge. The term AAAA is extremely misleading and I hate it was even used for this. 

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Cool trailer and I'm happy it was announced, but it's hard to get hyped until I see more or at least know a release date.

Never played a perfect dark game before and the trailer didnt show any gameplay so it is very hard to get excited but I will keep an eye. Maybe this game convince me to get a xbox down the road.

Why do people continue to insist on using the "AAAA" thing?

Just a CGI trailer but it is exciting to see Perfect Dark returning, with Joanna at that! Is it the first Rare IP to get a 3rd entry?

This and Returnal were the highlights of TGA for me.

NobleTeam360 said:

Why do people continue to insist on using the "AAAA" thing?

From this past August


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