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Forums - Sales Discussion - Famitsu Sales: Week 48, 2020 (Nov 23 - Nov 29)

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Pretty low numbers all around

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Ouch, Switch down week-on-week and year-on-year. Do we have it confirmed that there are supply constraints? That seems like the most likely reason, but I haven't heard it confirmed. And odd aside, but it surprises me that the Fortnite bundle has stuck around in the top ten. I expected that to drop off sharply after appearing.

Unless the shipments get much bigger for the remaining 4 weeks, it's getting doubtful that Switch will hit 6m this year in Japan (not that 5.something million is bad). It seems both Nintendo and Sony are prioritizing the west this holiday season.

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I think it's starting to show that retailers had literally no Switches stockpiled heading into the holiday, which they probably did last year. I also think Nintendo might be focusing more on North America for November/December, but focus more on Japan in January since that's basicly a third holiday month there saleswise.

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According to Chris and Hiska on Era, Switch is not having notable stock shortages.

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Sooo did those 40k PS5 users bought a PS5 game?

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Disappointing sales all around. Especially with Switch.
Seems to have lost its momentum without any big games for the holidays if stock isnt a major issue.
If true Ninty dropped the ball and missed a huge opportunity

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Seems like the ps4 is all but dead in Japan.

Both MS and sony shipping more digital only consoles this week.

Not much else to say, as they are both as OOS as they get.

Xbox in a demand never seen with xbox one.

Damn Switch dropped. Maybe it's lack of stock, as it is likely Nintendo focused on Black Friday in the west this week. But probably largely due to no big holiday title. Nintendo really dropped the ball by not having a single major game for the holiday season. 6 million for the year in Japan looks unlikely looking at this week.

Also why are they not combining Pokemon with the Pokemon+Expansion Pack set? Both of those are selling Sword/Shield right? They should be combined. Or is this just how famitsu does stuff?