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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What are your Expectations or Wishes for the new "switch" 2021 ?

All but inevitable
-Better battery life
-Better dock
-More internal storage
-Better kickstand
-Faster processor
-Bigger screen (even if only by an inch or two)
-More 1080p/60 fps games
-More RAM (Not expecting 8GB total, but maybe 2 more or 1 more dedicated to video)
-Higher resolution screen (Would not be more than 1080p. They might even compromise at 900p)
-1440p games in docked mode
-Select first-party remasters/remakes or third-party games only available on the New Model. We got a few of these physically with DSi and New 3DS.
Not happening
-4K resolution for games. Heck, we won't even get 4K for YouTube or Hulu.
-Overhauled OS
-Ethernet port

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RolStoppable said:
d21lewis said:

The Wii was just a GameCube remodel.

Exactly. After all, it could play the same discs.

Don't forget the duct tape.

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Leynos said:
B6a6es said:

Doubt we’ll see it in 2021 model, but definitely on Next Gen switch assuming it'll use a next gen Tegra chip, its gonna be a game changer for sure (similar to Apple Silicon)

I think the new model with be a custom chip. I don't think they can squeeze much more out of Mariko.  Not saying it will be some massive leap in power. Just might have some surprising features.

Mariko has lots more room to breathe.
Tegra X1/Switch debuted at 20nm planar... And got ported to TSMC 16nm FF (Which still uses the 20nm BEOL rules)... Porting Mariko to 12nm would be a piece of cake as 12nm is based on the 16nm design rules which in turn is based on 20nm.

TSMC 12nm vs 16nm would bring with it: 25% power reduction, 10% more performance, 20% smaller chip... You could throw away some of those power reductions to increase performance even more.

Obviously to extend past that (I.E. 10nm/7nm) would require a complete silicon respin...


For me personally I want a Switch TV with a higher clocked chip for higher average dynamic resolutions and higher framerates, a Switch TV would theoretically be able to sustain higher thermals/TDP, so a die-shrink isn't necessary.

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I'm happy to wait 2 more years for a real successor and better thought to the whole system and an OS rich with features.

Not sure how a more powerful dock would work if that is all they released for this model of switch? Is the port on Switch fast enough to help with computational power? If not that would mean a new port on a revised switch, which means we would have to upgrade the switch to get the benefit. If that is the case they may as well do it properly with the next gen switch model.

I saw someone mention OLED screen. TBH not sure I would want one. I noticed that the latest OLED screens on smartphone experience screen burn with 2-3years of daily use. I have older phones with OLED screens that do not experience such bad screen burn. Guess they cut back on quality of materials or manufacturing process.



KazumaKiryu said:

Some pages report on a new model of the switch. There could be an official announcement in early 2021 :D The question is easy:

What are your expectations or wishes for the new "switch"-system ??

Citing a Taipei-based report out of the Economic Daily News, The Edge Markets reports that a new version of Nintendo's hybrid console could arrive, 2021. That was quickly followed up by a Bloomberg report that suggests that the new Switch could arrive next year complete with 4K support and maybe other features. Economic Daily News later reported that Nintendo was still planning a 2021 launch, and has been visiting companies in Taiwan to obtain displays for the new console.

Do you want more Gaming-Highlights/AAA-Games, 4K or completely new features? And what do you expect? I'm curious!

d21lewis said:

If they want my money, they better add...I don't know. A new box? I'm gonna buy it anyway.

What I would like: Better performance, better resolution (no drops below 720p in portable mode), a way to lock the system, Bluetooth support, reliable joycons. That's good enough for me.

RolStoppable said:
sales2099 said:

My only wish is that it continues to have a stranglehold on Japan, thus keeping others from gaining ground.

That's the spirit. Down with Sony.

On topic: My expectations are a more power-efficient chipset to bump up battery life a bit further. Games with dynamic resolutions being able to hold their ceiling more consistently. Console-internal upscaling to 4k resolution; mind you, that's not even remotely the same as 4k games. Revised Joy-Cons, because the way that stories about drift have been going, a sizeable amount of people would consider that to upgrade from their regular Switch. The console's screen might get improved to 1080p.

Overall, it will be something a lot closer to a New 3DS revision than a PS4 Pro revision.

mjk45 said:
RolStoppable said:

Exactly. After all, it could play the same discs.

Don't forget the duct tape.

A third cousin once removed of a friend of mine read somewhere that it will be the definitive hybrid, it will have a smell I/O interface for the next revolution in gaming, smelly games. With that device Animal Crossing will be smellier and beastlier than ever!!!

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It'll probably just be an all digital Switch and an expansion of their Nintendo subscription stuff.
I could hope for better build quality in the joy cons but I won't get my hopes up.

TV only would be when I might buy it.

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Being able to get one.

DLSS or bust.

everything else will follow if they just have enough tensor cores to do this

Actually thought about it and Realistically? I think im done with 10do. Ithe ps5 and xbx are out now so if we r not talking ps4 power with a comparable AAA library AND all physical releases and party chat then I dont think I care. Thats my new floor. Ill prob consider a switch 2 if I find 1 for like $150 AND it has a new zelda and metroid. Or AAA worthy star fox or kid icarus.