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Cobretti2 said:

I'm happy to wait 2 more years for a real successor and better thought to the whole system and an OS rich with features.

Not sure how a more powerful dock would work if that is all they released for this model of switch? Is the port on Switch fast enough to help with computational power? If not that would mean a new port on a revised switch, which means we would have to upgrade the switch to get the benefit. If that is the case they may as well do it properly with the next gen switch model.

I saw someone mention OLED screen. TBH not sure I would want one. I noticed that the latest OLED screens on smartphone experience screen burn with 2-3years of daily use. I have older phones with OLED screens that do not experience such bad screen burn. Guess they cut back on quality of materials or manufacturing process.

uhhhh wut?

You're gonna be waiting a lot longer than that if you are waiting for Switch 2. More like 3.5 to 4 years. Nintendo has zero reasons to kill off Switch anytime early, and 2 years would be extremely early.