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Forums - Sales Discussion - November NPD 2020


Best selling family this month (units)?

Nintendo family 69 77.53%
Playstation family 19 21.35%
XBOX family 1 1.12%

Zanark best Inazuma Eleven pg

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Nintendo and PlayStation are going to be neck and neck, but I think the launch of the PS5 will push the PlayStation family just BARELY over the Nintendo family for November. With Nintendo easily taking December.

[NSW] 1950k
[PS5] 1500k
[XBS] 1400k
[XB1] 115k
[PS4] 110k

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What day will November npd release?

javi741 said:

What day will November npd release?

Friday the 11th


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That's a tough one. Won't predict the numbers but probably something like this:
Switch > PS5 > Xbox Series X|S >>>> Xbox One > PS4


For Dec:

NSW- 1580K
PS5- 1520K
XBS- 1220K
PS4- 230K
XBO- 190K

This is useless as it will ultimately come down to how many units they all managed to manufacture, but what the heck, here we go:

[NSW] 1900K
[PS5] 1300K
[XBS] 1100K

Switch was top console selling 1.35 million.

Terrible numbers. COVID really messed up BF. Oh, and no Pokemon.

Looks like PS5/XBX were lower than I expected.