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Forums - Sales Discussion - November NPD 2020


Best selling family this month (units)?

Nintendo family 69 77.53%
Playstation family 19 21.35%
XBOX family 1 1.12%

I'll venture a guess:

NSW: 2,200K
PS5: 1,800K
XBSX: 1,600K
XBO & PS4: No idea

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I really have no guess. There are 5 different systems in production and they will all likely be in short supply. The only one that might not be in short supply is the Switch. I guess I can put a number out there for the Switch.

NSW 2300k

I'm not going to drop numbers because I have no idea, but I will go against the grain and guess that XSX|S will sell more than PS5. I'd assume that both of their total worldwide stock would be fairly similar, but Playstation would divert more stock to Japan and Europe while Xbox will divert more to NA giving it a higher first month NPD.

[NSW] 2323K
[PS5] 1499K
[XBS] 1199K
[PS4] 79K
[XBO] 120K

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Very tough one.

NSW: 1865k
PS5: 1234k
XSX|S: 1168k
PS4: 147k
XBO: 222k

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Switch will be over 2m; how much over that, I have no idea. I don't really care enough about the rest to make a guess.

It's gonna be hard to predict in my opinion but 2m+ for switch is a given I think

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Nintendo and PlayStation are going to be neck and neck, but I think the launch of the PS5 will push the PlayStation family just BARELY over the Nintendo family for November. With Nintendo easily taking December.