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Forums - Sony Discussion - Digital Foundry PS5 BC Review & Series X comparison (Surprises inside)

Games with unlocked framerates running at locked 60fps. That'll do nicely!

Patched games are a nice bonus too. Another tidbit is unpatched games will run at native resolutions meaning more games will run at higher resolution on PS5.

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gamingsoul said:
Wow Sony went for fps over resolution, sekiro looks gorgeous at locked 60, I would always sacrifice a few pixels over frame rate dips, now I really want a ps5.

Not really the whole issue is that for games that weren't optmized for Pro/X1X base PS4 had advantage on resolution (1080p vs 900p or 1080p vs 720p in some few cases), for the games that got an update for Pro/X1X since Pro was weaker then the resolution was smaller than on X1X, while the increase in power from Pro to PS5 is bigger than from X1X to Series X, when both combined PS5 end up having higher fps while Series X ends with higher resolution.

It is just a matter of those games not being updated for Series and PS5. If they were then Series X should have better framerate and resolution all around.

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Wow those Series X SSD load times are surprising compared to the ps5. Maybe Sony needs to do some additional optimization?


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chakkra said:

Otter said:

Ever since Microsoft announced their Velocity Architecture technology, I was really curious to see how it would perform against the brute force of the PS5's SSD. I gotta say, the results are not disappointing in the slightest. 

This has to be a codeing/firmware issue.
They showed spiderman cold boot takeing 8secounds, to get into game, and 2sec to load a game save, into game.

Why would old PS4 games, take longer to load?
Maybe this person testing it, didnt run it on the SSD, but ran it off a external drive over USB?
Maybe the game is coded to not stress the HDD by loading things to fast or such?

Logic says its not running as it should if they take that long.
I think by launch if things are working as they should, both XSX and PS5 will load these older games faster than shown above.

Captain_Yuri said:
Wow those Series X SSD load times are surprising compared to the ps5. Maybe Sony needs to do some additional optimization?

Where is the surprise though? PS5 loses consistently but by a hair, which is understandable since the Xbox X is somewhat stronger and that non of these games make any use of the PS5's SDD customizations. 

The only surprise here is how silent SONY's been about how good their BC tech is...

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More misleading marketing from Sony.... they want you to believe that everything will have near-instantaneous load times like Godfall and Astro's Playroom.
They skip the load time in UI demo for Destruction Allstars because it did not match their misinformation campaign.

Captain_Yuri said:
Wow those Series X SSD load times are surprising compared to the ps5. Maybe Sony needs to do some additional optimization?

We already know from the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X that most of these games will eventually get a patch that will Optimize the game to run on the next-gen consoles. 

All of these games should be able to run 4k/60fps on PS5 and Xbox Series X once patch.

chakkra said:
DonFerrari said:

Considering we have games like Spider Man, TLOU and others that load under 10s, that comparison doesn't make much sense. None of those titles are really optimized or anything for a good load time, they barely improve against their gen8 version be it on Xbox or PS.

You are correct. They are not supposedly not optimized, but that actually makes things even weirder. In brute speed, the PS5's SSD is twice as fast as the one on the Series X. The means in theory the SSD on PS5 should offer roughly double the performance in unoptimized games.
It is like, you would never expect a 2.4GB memory offering better performance than a 5.5GB one on PC, given all scenarios are the same.

Likely it has more to do with how BC is handled vs actual SSD speed. A few comments referred to CPU constraints but I don't understand enough to elaborate, but yeah I wouldn't use this as reference for how these systems will compare when loading games built for their new features

Otter said:

Edit: Since there is BC comparison here, worth noting that Series X games seem to load faster

FFXV loads in ~14 to ~29sec with new firmware (depending on area, and if first or 2nd time loading it) (video proof).
Down from 1m10sec reported by that Nibel guy.

Nibel says MHW takes the PS5 51s.
However in the video with the firmware update (above) it only takes 16sec (video proof there).
2nd load takes 9sec.

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OP can you remove the false information posted by Nibel please.
Its factually incorrect, because hes useing a early PS5 without any patchs/firmware and not representative of how it will be for people that buy one.