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JRPGfan said:
Otter said:

Edit: Since there is BC comparison here, worth noting that Series X games seem to load faster

FFXV loads in ~14 to ~29sec with new firmware (depending on area, and if first or 2nd time loading it) (video proof).
Down from 1m10sec reported by that Nibel guy.

Nibel says MHW takes the PS5 51s.
However in the video with the firmware update (above) it only takes 16sec (video proof there).
2nd load takes 9sec.

Azzanation said:

Odd the XSX has faster load times.

As for better frames, no surprise, when a system ops for Native vs Checkerboarding, better frames are a given. Native is definitely more gorgeous to look at however frames are just as important. Cannot have both on consoles, PC is where its at.

Its because its not useing a firmware update thats needed.

FFXV goes from 1m10sec (reported by nibel) to around 14-29sec (as shown in video, depending on area/first load ect) (with the firmware update).