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Forums - Sales Discussion - What does Nintendo need to do to reach 150M Switches sold?

Pay whatever Take Two/Rockstar asks for porting Grand Theft Auto V to the Switch.

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rapsuperstar31 said:
Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG 2...get it done! Okay that last one is just wishful thinking.

I'm sure Nintendo could work out a deal with square for then to make a new game in the Chrono series if they really wanted to. Maybe we finally would get that third game (Chrono Break) that was cancelled.

Releasing some actual games would help.

That's essentially DS levels, which isn't unreasonable given the Switch is more handheld than home console.

I would say first and foremost a stronger lineup of exclusive (new) first and second party games. And ideally some of these should be big mass-market hit type games like Warioware, Nintendogs, more Mario Kart, Wii Sports-type game, maybe another fitness game.

New Model - a "pro edition" as well as more variants on the original model (maybe bundle them with games and make them a bit cheaper, more internal storage, etc)

Might go without saying but - at least a couple of price drops

Just continue to support it in some fashion so that it has a 7-8 year lifespan. That's not to say they can't crank out the next gen hardware but they should still be releasing games for it well into 2024 and even perhaps 2025.


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KingJames said:
Took PS2 and DS about 9-10 years to reach 150m. Switch will have to last just as long to do the same. If "Switch Pro" extends the lifecycle instead of being a complete next gen console, its a done deal.

Actually the DS did it in around 7 years, it's momentum was insane.

And so far the Switch sales curve has looked more similair to the DS than any other console. It is behind launch-aligned and the gap will almost certainly grow in the next 2 years but I don't think the Switch will fall too far behind, so it doesn't the legs of the PS2 to reach 150 mil.

To answer the thread question: A hardware revision, a price cut and no replacement before 2024. And ofc they need to keep on bringing the games until then.

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wohufana said:
Leynos said:

Make it $99 starting now. How DS and PS2 got there.

It can never be. $99 a decade ago is not the same $99 in 2020s, much more in 2024, after 7 years in the market.

Pretty sure Switch (non lite) can go 149$ and still be sold at profit.
They might be able to get the lite version of the Switch down to 99$.

I think people overestimate how much the switch costs to make.
Nintendo are just makeing a fortune on sales with these.

Nogamez said:
Releasing some actual games would help.

Not gonna lie, I'm glad people like you are still around. Never gets old.


Don't think they can hit 150M, not because there's no way it could ever happen, but because I can't see Nintendo doing everything that's necessary to reach that sales milestone. They do need to put out some real system-sellers with more consistency, but more importantly, they need to keep pushing the console with new games and revisions, deep into its lifetime. Don't think the Switch has a shot if the next console comes out before 2025, honestly. But just generally it's an issue of Nintendo consoles not having very good legs - that isn't quite true for the handhelds, but we can't know for sure if the Switch will keep this up for much longer, especially with the arrival of next gen. At the very least, a price cut would be a very important move, and it should be done this winter, though obviously that won't happen. To be fair, people don't seem to care too much at the prospect of overpaying for anything with a Nintendo brand these days.

I'd say the Switch is gonna end up somewhere around 110-120 million lifetime.

Sell 84.697.123 more Switches.

Please, feel free to correct my English.

Verter said:
Sell 84.697.123 more Switches.

I don't think they're gonna get too far as a company if they use VGC data.

mZuzek said:
Verter said:
Sell 84.697.123 more Switches.

I don't think they're gonna get too far as a company if they use VGC data.

Well, they can try at least and see what happens.

Please, feel free to correct my English.