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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox Series S design leaked, Confirmed at $300 this Holiday (Series X = $500)


Windows Central confirms that the pricing is $300 S/$500 X, with $25 per month for S and $35 per month for X subscription options. Release November 10th.

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If that price is right, and the hardware is decent enough, that could be a very nice purchase.

Called $300. Amazing Price!

Also out of no where wtf.


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Benji thinks it has very strong sales potential at that price

Yeah, it seems that suggested prices are going to become reality like $299 for Series X, $399 for DE PS5 and $499 for disc PS5/Series X

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That would be very interesting...and tempting!

Was expecting 299 price point as well. Glad MS didn't go with a no controller "option". Now we wait for the Series X price, which I expect to be 599.

... That thing is fuck ugly. Cheap though, so meh...


The price is still just a rumor (according to Zhuge). Title changed to reflect.


LOOOOOOL I was literally just thinking the other day how I wouldn't be surprised at all if Microsoft at this point just randomly dropped the info on a random time on a random day at this point just to get it out of the way and here it is

tho apparently this isn't the official reveal but how would he have it otherwise?