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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Games you love from genres you generally don't like

Metroid Prime Trilogy for First Person Shooters. Much more exploration than normal, gaining new abilities, and it's fricking Metroid.

I actually don't hate most genres so it's a bit difficult beyond that. Every genre has had something for me at some point in time. Even the above mentioned FPS, case in point.

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I don’t really like JRPGs but I love FF7.

I don't really care about real time strategy games, but I love Pikmin. ^^

Why would I ever admit to being anything other than a perfect equal-opportunity game connoisseur

I'm generally not interested in JPRGs, but I loved Xenoblade for its non-turn-based combat, compelling world and story, likeable characters, and stellar score.

Also hate sports and sports games, but really enjoyed Wii Sports Resort for how futuristic its motion controls felt at the time.

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Forza Horizon.

I like most genres.

Shooters one of my least favorite genres. Goldeneye, Bioshock and Metroid Prime are the only ones I really like. All 3 of these were excellent.
Sports NBA Hangtime on the N64. Sunk a lot of hours into that game. Punch out and the original RBI baseball were pretty good as well.

I have two examples myself.

I never tried any sport game whatsoever until I got Top Spin 4. What a game. It's pretty fucking hard but I must admit I had a blast beating the awesome career mode.

As for the second, I try to avoid pretty much everything in First Person but I do have 2 games I really enjoy in FP. The original Half-Life was super fun when I got it as a kid back when I didn't have a working console. The other game is Alien: Isolation, I bought the game out of my love for the franchise and I don't regret it one bit. It's not perfect but it's pretty damn awesome.

I rly hate JRPGs and Strategy games but ironically, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is one of the games i like so much to spend at least 30 min per day, and i rly love Xenoblade Chronicles series. For strategy that is Halo Wars simply because Halo is my favorite franchise so anything related to that is my instant favorite(no matter if its games, series, movies or books).

i hate sports game,
but if rocket league counts as a sport game then thats my shiz haha!