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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Which Zelda title name you like more(note not game just title)

Probably Links Awakening. Although Twilight Princess also sounds great.

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Twilight Princess sounds so mystical to me. I love it.

I also like a lot how Phantom Hourglass rolls off the tongue.

Twilight Princess. Has a nice sound to it.

A Link to the Past. Because puns.

The Adventure of Link
A Link to the Past
Breath of the Wild

They all end in a anapestic beat.

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The legend of zelda skyward sword

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I would say Twilight Princess is the most striking. It sounds so cool and mysterious. I still remember the chills I felt when the title was actually said during the dialogue.

Phantom Hourglass is also pleasing to the tongue and the ears.

Breath of the Wild is cool because it is such a unique, evocative phrase, it does not really have anything to do with the plot of the game either but perfectly encapsulates the game's themes and design philosophy.

Wand of Gamalon is at least fun to say.

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A Link to the Past
Adventure of Link
Breath of the Wild

Majora's Mask, it has a mysterious vibe to it.

1) Ocarina of Time
2) A Link to the Past
3) Oracle of Ages/Seasons
4) Majora's Mask
5) Twilight Princess
6) Link's Awakening
7) A Link Between Words
8) Phantom Hourglass
9) Breath of the Wild

10) Adventure of Link

A Link to the Past probably has the most clever name. None of the other names do much for me.

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