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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Which Zelda title name you like more(note not game just title)

A Link to the Past
Adventure of Link
Breath of the Wild

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Majora's Mask, it has a mysterious vibe to it.

1) Ocarina of Time
2) A Link to the Past
3) Oracle of Ages/Seasons
4) Majora's Mask
5) Twilight Princess
6) Link's Awakening
7) A Link Between Words
8) Phantom Hourglass
9) Breath of the Wild

10) Adventure of Link

A Link to the Past probably has the most clever name. None of the other names do much for me.

Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess are the coolest names because they are the edgiest

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Valdney said:
A Link to the Past
Adventure of Link
Breath of the Wild

I agree, these are the best names,

The best!

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The Adventure of Link, it is the most descriptive of what the game actually is.

Skyward Sword because alliteration.

I like just The legend of Zelda. As a kid it mesmerized me. Twilight Princess wins after that.

The Legend of Zelda...that is the title.

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