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I am...

60s or older 2 1.16%
50s 5 2.89%
40s 29 16.76%
30s 83 47.98%
20s 47 27.17%
Under 20 7 4.05%


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30. Found this place back in 2008 when I was 18. Not sure where the last decade went to be honest. It's the only forum I post in and check up on a regular basis.

Wouldn't you like to know.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

25. Feels like not too long ago that I turned 20, I'm scared of how fast that number is gonna keep going up. My life's gone nowhere in these last few years... I don't normally give it much thought, but when I do, it makes me kinda hate myself.

Oh well

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I'll be 33 in a few days 😊


I game on all consoles and PC

27, for now....

32. Birthday’s in april so still a while to go before 33.

I'll make 25 tomorrow


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