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I am...

60s or older 2 1.16%
50s 5 2.89%
40s 29 16.76%
30s 83 47.98%
20s 47 27.17%
Under 20 7 4.05%

36 and it still feels like being 20 was yesterday.

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Joined when I was 16, it's weird how that simultaneously feels like yesterday and like forever ago.

39. Time definitely does fly when you get older. Just remember that, youngins. One day, you too will be old. OLD!

Who is 60 or older?! That's amazing!

I'm 29, so 6 more years before I can run for President haha.

That we have more people over 40 than under 20 is a very interesting statistic.
I'm 31, so I fall into the site's biggest age demographic it seems.

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Old enough that I say "cool", not "chill". Getting specific here, you know how not long ago I mentioned really liking dinosaurs as a kid? Well...

In all seriousness, I'm 38, which I think puts me in like the oldest 20% of people here.

IcaroRibeiro said:
People here on average are so much older than other internet communities, it's interesting

It explains a lot, actually.

32, nice to see so many others in the demo

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I just turned 40 a few days ago. I've been gaming for about 38 years.