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Forums - Sony Discussion - How Sony will respond Game Pass?

If they ever will, I mean. Sure they now allow that some Ps now games to be downloaded to run locally, but game pass is actually gaining some traction. 

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They'll respond by continuing to make great exclusives.

All depends on how Ps5/Series S/X does. If the Series S/X is competitive, I think they might make a serious effort with PSNow as an alternative to gamepass (amongst other things). If they sell meh in comparison, Sony might not care very much.


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They don't feel like they need it to sell PlayStation. I'd welcome something like Game Pass on PlayStation, but who knows if Sony will do it.

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By continuing to release games that people are willing to pay for to own.

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They can start by expanding PS Now into more countries.

'We'll pass'.

The real question is:

Why Sony has to respond to Gamepass??

They will respond as soon as they have something to compete with.

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Does Game[ass actually make money? I mean they can boast about numbers but I mean neflix has the most subscriptions but leaks more cash than a sieve.