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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Did Play Station made home console gaming the standard ?

The first home console to sell over 100m is PS1. Its closest competitor was NES with 61m units, while GameBoy was far more successful. PS1 changed the gaming industry forever with the introduction of CD ROM console gaming and making home consoles the main point of interest, bringing new players in the market, such as Microsoft.  PS2  confirmed that the home console gaming is the main treat, becoming the standard with sales almost touching 160m units. Microsoft invested millions, securing titles, moneyhatting studios to gain the marketshare of the home consoles market with 360. Nintendo created the Wii as an effort to regain audience in the home console market. In that gen, all three home consoles sold around 280m units combined, a record for home console gaming. That was all, because PS1 and PS2 were the standard. If it wasnt for Sony pushing PS1 in the market, none of this would happen and today we would live in a world of PC and mobile gaming.

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No, this thing did.

Playstation introduced neither the CD-ROM nor the home console, but yes, I do agree it made it standard. The industry was already stalling a bit with Nintendo and Sega, and new blood was needed. And that new blood sold more than twice the combined total of its rivals, so yeah downplaying the influence Sony had on the industry is pure ignorance.

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Standard means market norm, which can be measured by numbers. I post numbers and facts. Isnt PS1 the first home console to reach 100m userbase ? I dont get the NES posts.

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Sony took console gaming from 60 Million homes, to 160 Million homes. PlayStation grew console gaming to where it is today with PS1 and PS2.

Unfortunately, they have stagnated with PS3 and PS4. However, Microsoft has picked up the slack, with 360 & XBO to keep console gaming relatively stable over the last 15 years.

Hopefully, with PS5 & XBS we will see a return to growth in the console space. The speed of the SSD and I/O in both console should keep them well ahead of off the shelf PCs in practical uses for a few years to come.

If they can continue to push the gaming medium deeper and wider, while also making things like Communication, Social Media, Quality of Life, Shopping, Banking, etc. stupidly accessible, then they might finally be able to punch consoles past that 200M wall, and well beyond.

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PS made it more mainstream, and not just seen as a child's plaything.


PS made it more mainstream, and not just seen as a child's plaything.

Exactly, that another interesting point. this really a reaction thread


PS made it more mainstream, and not just seen as a child's plaything.

Pretty much yeah.

As the generations went on audience for people who play video games age went up. Isn't the average age for a gamer like 35 now?

It makes you wonder if Sony didn't go forward to release the Playstation. I think things might be a lot different as it is now.