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ClassicGamingWizzz said:
The thing i AM worried is for the people that Will play this on PS4 or xbone. It Will BE like 20 fps.

Nah, they'll tone it down somehow to make it run around 30fps. The question is how, though. Will there be options for the player to choose from, or will the game automatically detect the platform and adjust accordingly? Hope the game won't be held back by the weaker machines. I'm gonna wait and get it on the PS5.

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This game should have been built from ground up for next gen. Limitef gpu/ cpu/ram/hard drive. Thats why u see less npcs and copy paste of street/neon signs.

I actually haven't seen any of the footage, I want to be a full virgin when I go in. I trust CDPR completely, so I just know I'm going to buy and enjoy the game. Even if the shooting and driving turn out to be less than optimal, it doesn't matter. Those things are just means to an end. I would have preferred a third person perspective though, especially with all the customization, but oh well.

It was never on my radar. I never knew anything about the series (is it a series?) and I've been looking for a reason to get into it ever since. It just hasn't caught my eye. Hope everyone else enjoys it, though.

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The car and how it handles, and the pop-ins when he was driveing was abit of a "hope they fix that before release" moment.
The shooting, looked rough.... so did useing items mid-combat, there was no slow time or slowdown/pause, when useing it, so he was just getting shot up while pulling it out.
Othergames theres usually slowdowns so you arnt punished for useing items (it takes time to get through the motions of finding things and picking the right one and the way its used ect).

The part where hes in the car, turns around and is shooting at the cars and people chaseing him with machine guns, and hes got like pistol, and he takes sooo many shots, but is apparently fine for it... nah. It didnt look right. Combat is def. not the stronge suit of this game, it looked bad.

Hopefully the story telling and cyborg theme is enough to carry this.

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They need to increase the draw distance. Let's see how it looks after all the optimization.

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I like how CDPR project the future police as force willing to arrest people armed with guns vs blasting them into the past with bullets like they do in our reality. If you gonna put American cops in your game at least portray them right.
I think the game is super over hyped, always felt this way.
Only time will tell.

Cyberpunk world, made by the guys behind the Witcher games. Not worried at all :P

Imo the levels shown so far looks fantastic. The gameplay and animations does look a little janky but still looks like fun to play. Kinda reminds me of Deus Ex and Borderlands (and that's a good thing).

Saying that, I'm hoping the world is more populated with NPC as it looks quite barren for a large city.

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ClassicGamingWizzz said:
The thing i AM worried is for the people that Will play this on PS4 or xbone. It Will BE like 20 fps.

It's for PS1 nostalgia points.

To be fair though, the witchers combat was never a strong point. It was mainly exploration story driven based. I remember the few times i got so excited when the in game cinematic battles took place, i was like finally. But that didn't happen much. Combat was abit clunky and didn't feel epic. Maybe it was the physics or camera system. So i expect this game to be more about story/exploration over shooting/mechanics substance.