Machina said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:
Don't forget that it also says "Work in Progress - Does not represent the final Game" at the top of the screen. Things can and will change until release, otherwise there wouldn't have been ant reasons to delay the game several times.

Yeah, but by how much? Am always incredibly sceptical about such disclaimers. It's a good way to make your game bullet proof to criticism right up until launch - 'not final version, things will change!' becomes the silver bullet to address any and all criticism of footage that is shown - but in reality how much can it actually change between now and launch? If this isn't pretty much what we can expect to see in the final release then they wouldn't be putting it out there for press to play and for the footage to be disseminated to the public.


I'm still excited for the game but this new footage has certainly but a dampener on my expectations. Mind you, the monumental hype for the game after its initial reveal was probably never going to be delivered upon. It's looking like a futuristic GTA, with Borderlands-esque shooting, which is a bit disappointing.

What I like:

  • The setting.
  • The colour scheme and art style.
  • Most of the visuals.
  • The soundtrack.
  • The little details everywhere.
  • I also have hopes for the story, but...

I'm not liking:

  • The dialogue shown so far.
  • Most of the characters shown so far.
  • Lack of population - from the bars to the streets, it's very empty of NPCs.
  • The cop car chase, with a single bullet triggering the most generic fire imaginable on every single chasing vehicle.
  • That melee fight - yikes, just yikes.

Is this running on XSX? If so then the PC version helps the bolded points. 
The frame rate I think makes the melee fight look worse but it still looks pretty bad. And a lot of the things I'm seeing does look mediocre, I'm not buying this day 1 now, I'm gonna wait and see how people view the game.

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