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Forums - Sales Discussion - What are the main reasons Why Xbox One Sold Far Less than PS4?

kirby007 said:
DonFerrari said:

If you look at the total goty awards in the last 7 years the difference become gigantic.

Sony got 717, Nintendo 296 and MS just 7.

how can you have more then 7 GotY awards for 7 years?

Each magazine gives its GOTY and there are more than one category.

Manlytears said:
DonFerrari said:

If you look at the total goty awards in the last 7 years the difference become gigantic.

Sony got 717, Nintendo 296 and MS just 7.

I agree, there is a whole world of difference in the quality of the games. It's not just a matter of the Xbox having "poor results", the thing is amplified by the fact that Playstation had incredibly good results.  Currently it is impossible to make comparisons between xbox and playstation in this field, the two exist on stupidly unequal levels, but... nobody knows tomorrow, it is possible that Xbox will reach,  and perhaps  surpass, Playstation in a few years, very unlikely, but still...

It could happen. But even at this moment you`ll see a number of people that would put MS exclusives at higher quality.

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The reveal.

Initial used games policy.

24 Hour Check-in DRM and then MS told people to play Xbox 360 if you don't want DRM connection.


Sony released this after the Xbox One E3 presser while better than the initial reveal in Feb but still bad and didn't address any concerns. Sony then announced $100 cheaper and plays used games.

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2013 reveal blunders, price gap, mandatory Kinect.

But most of all, 100x more important then anything else, is that mainland Europe and Asia are dead set in their ways. Total brand power bred from generations of consistency from Sony. It’s so intangible yet it’s Sony’s greatest weapon that will guide them through any storm they encounter.

Xbox: Best hardware, Game Pass best value, best BC, more 1st party genres and multiplayer titles. 


V-r0cK said:

Close the thread. We're done.

But seriously, slipped up launch - Kinect, DRM, high price compared to competitor. And lack of support for first party games throughout the generation. The Xbox 360 lost a lot of momentum at the end due to lack of games compared to PS3 which maybe another factor in people choosing one platform over another. It was for me and the gradual shift to PC made my decision made it even easier - and i loved playing on the OG Xbox and 360.

LudicrousSpeed said:
The reveal disaster and the price killed it long before any games might have mattered.

I don't think that alone is true. The PS3 had a pretty disastrous reveal and really bad pricing, and turned around from 2009 onward. It became a great value with the PS3 Slim and Super Slim and a library of exclusives people wanted to play. Plus Blu-ray was really picking up in the middle of the PS3's life.

Microsoft could've had a big shift with software on the Xbox One to gain a larger market share, but it didn't happen. Backwards compatibility, Xbox Game Pass and a UHD Blu-ray drive weren't enough to come close to worldwide sales of the PS4.

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Whoever say the main problem was not the reveal, 100% did not follow videogames in 2013, or at least not as much as now.

That shit is still legendary

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Ryng said:

Whoever say the main problem was not the reveal, 100% did not follow videogames in 2013, or at least not as much as now.

That shit is still legendary

Online only DRM was one of the biggest PR blunders for sure, no one wanted or asked for that shit. This is on par with $599 levels of shooting yourself in the foot.

I think the starting library of xbox one exclusive was better.
the problem was the price, kinect, tv, physical drm, always online.
When they finally got a good position wit policies, the ps4 exclusive games started being better.
also, multiplats were better on ps4.

But also, xbox is not a playstation. the branding itself is responsible. 

It had an atrocious reveal event focusing not on games but on multimedia functions.

It had forced Kinect inclusion bringing the price up to a level nobody wanted despite it being the marginally weaker console.

They had horrible plans for DRM, so bad that even when they rolled them back it still hurt their image.

The Xbox 360's latter years were pretty barren for exclusives, leading the console to slow down and the PS3 to eclipse it, thus altering momentum on both sides

The launch games sucked.

The subsequent exclusive games were mediocre or disappointing

There were virtually no new IPs and many of the games being developed for the system were shelved

They made it so that all games were on PC as well

They continued to not release any games, focusing more on sheer power for the Xbox One X. Power and Backwards compatibility in the later stages

Ps4 was an absolute beast of a console, hitting all the right notes and punching Microsoft when it was down.

So, basically, Xbox failed in virtually every way that matters while the Ps4 learned from the Ps3's mistakes and delivered in price, performance, and platform exclusives without requiring any of the chaff and side garbage nobody cared about, like Kinect.

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I was A HUGE fan of the 360 but even before launch, I knew the PS4 was gonna dominate. What advantages did the Xbox One have? None.

There you go.

(I still enjoy the Xbox One more. It had a ton of features that I enjoyed. PS4 has VR, though... I'm a strange beast.)

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