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Forums - Gaming Discussion - UK Charts : TLOU Part II is The Biggest Launch This Year By Far (Beating Animal Crossing)

Christopher Dring


The Last of Us Part II is the UK’s fastest selling Sony game on PS4, bigger than the Uncharted 4 launch in boxed sales alone. It’s the biggest game launch this year by far, smashing the opening sales of Animal Crossing, and comfortably bigger than its predecessor



Buckle up. The Last of Us Part II has its first record breaking moment

- Biggest Sony opening EVER in the UK
- Biggest launch of 2020 by far in the UK, passing Animal Crossing

And this is physical only not counting digital sales

We've got a monster worldwide opening incoming
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Biggest launch this year in UK (physical)
Biggest launch for Sony (physical)

TLOU Part II (FRI) exceeds > 192k units

Some Sony first party titles numbers (physical only) :

  1. Uncharted 4 (TUE) : 192k
  2. Spider-Man (FRI) : 190k
  3. Uncharted 3 (TUE) : 116k
  4. Horizon Zero Dawn (WED) : 114k
  5. God of War (FRI) : 96k
  6. Heavy Rain (WED) : 86k
  7. Uncharted 2 (FRI) : 84k

TLOU (FRI) : 84k < x < 116k

So this makes TLOU2 a critical and commercial success for Sony. Considering just how high Sony's digital % is these last few months, this game is going to be a juggernaught!  Congrats to ND and Sony on this masterpiece! 

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Sales were always gonna be frontloaded, legs will be awful

See, it's not crazy to think 40k or so people are upset enough to leave bad reviews. That's only a tiny percentage of record breaking sales.

I'm curious how it will do in the U.S. against Animal Crossing now :-o Japan and U.K. should have fairly obvious results for which will be the biggest exclusive of the year, but U.S. will be a hellish battle ground (PS4 having a bigger install base will probably help TLOU2 I'd imagine).

Congrats, this gen has been crazy in terms of record breaking exclusive sales .... it's pretty insane.

Physical sales no less, I imagine digital percentage will be a lot higher atm with covid19. I went for the digital version while I would have gotten the physical version without a doubt otherwise. I might still get a physical copy next year.

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Monster opening!

On Resetera seems to be 193k-195k Opening

I mean not to be that guy but UK is one of PS4's (if not the) biggest market ratio wise and it is the weakest for Nintendo.
So i would have been a bit concerned if it didn't beat it there. It will never match it's sales lifetime WW. I don't even think it will have a debut as big WW.

CGI-Quality said:
melbye said:
Sales were always gonna be frontloaded, legs will be awful


Do you expect it will sell 11 million in 11 weeks like AC?

The Naughty Dog Masterpiece will set sales record, sorry if I say obvious things :D

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