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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Console-WAR becomes Religion oO Meta in big criticism, needs new rules!

In both film and videogames, user scores are worthless. Satan is more reliable than them.

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I still have my dream site, where everybody goes to review music, games, etc. The site limits you to so many reviews per year, and so many scores of 10,9,8, etc. per year. You could upvote good user reviews, and comment. You can't post reviews yourself until you've reached 100 posts. A 10/10, or 0/10 would be limited to one per 5 years per account. So if you want to give a game a 0/10 or a 10/10 on there, you are using up one of your once every five years scores.

All professional critics are, are people that have some experience with the medium, and are mature enough to put a reasonable score out there. By experience with the medium, I mean people that actually like games as a hobby, and have played a ton of games.

As of right now, I think scores on Opencritic are pretty accurate to an 8 point degree. For example: If a game is rated 81, I could find it to be a anywhere from 73 to 89. If you remove some of the shittier outlets like Metro, or Edge, or Slant, from the aggregate score, then Opencritic becomes accurate to a 5 point degree for me. That does require slowly recalculating the entire aggregate by hand, without the troll reviews. For example: After recalculating the aggregate minus troll critics, you might have a game go from 79 to 82. This would make that 82 rated game to be anywhere from 78 to 87 for me.

Oh, and people that think critic reviews are utterly useless, probably haven't played as many games as the critics. It's easy to be impressed by a competent Hack n' Slash if its your first hack n' slash game ever. Or they see a game from a genre they hate, and think "I hate that game, therefore the critics are wrong". Reviews aren't written for people that don't like the genre of game that's being reviewed. Some people will simply like nothing more than western AAA games, and so they can't understand why Nintendo, Indies, or JRPGs get so much love from critics. Some people never touch western AAA games and can't understand why those games get love from critics. Other people think that the full 10 point scale should be used, and since critics generally only use scores of 6-10, they think that critics don't know what they're talking about. In reality it's just a difference of opinion on how a scoring scale should be used.

Anyway, it would be nice to have a user-reviews site, like the one I outlined above. If it were good enough, and influential enough, the industry could step away from relying on critics.

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Taking away users scores just hurts the site. Just look at Rotten Tomatoes. It used to be around #300 in terms of WW traffic. They took away the option to say you are looking forward to seeing a movie and changed how user reviews work, just to appease companies who didn't like people hating on their films. Now, Rotten Tomatoes is around #800.

If you want to like a game, like it. Don't let others disliking it trigger you. There are real reasons to be upset at TLOU2. Personally, I'm just not buying the game, even though I loved the first one.

Hm, something tells me this has less to do with console wars and more to do with a certain group of people who are "outraged" at certain things in the game.

Console wars are only part of the cause here. While earlier Sony exclusives always got some negative reviews from Xbox fanboys (and vice versa for Xbox games getting bombed by PS fanboys), in this case the review bombing for The Last of Us 2 is mostly because of the leaks about the plot last month, which people hated when they read them, and most of those leaks turned out to be true in the actual game. People are also unhappy because Sony was DMCA'ing memes about the game for the past month, and targeting youtubers and journalists who talked about the leaks with DMCA takedowns. There are people unhappy about how "woke" the game is, with a heavy focus on LGBT culture. And there are people unhappy that Sony allowed a full HD, mocapped, nipples visible sex scene in TLOU 2, but are further censoring Japanese games that are already partially censored and approved by the rating agencies (ESRB, PEGI, CERO) with only the partial censoring.

So TLOU 2 is getting hate from about 5 different groups currently, Xbox fanboys, the anti-Woke crowd, fans of the first game who are unhappy with the story and characters in the sequel, people who are mad about Sony abusing the DMCA system, and fans of Japanese games who are unhappy that Sony censors JP games but not western games.

This isn't just a thing that is happening on metacritic, TLOU 2 was trending on twitter yesterday, so I looked at the trends. Like 80-90% of the most liked tweets were negative, and most were from people unhappy with the story, with a good many criticizing the lack of censoring on the sex scenes when Sony censors the Japanese games, and people criticizing the game for how woke it is.

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@OP. If this were about console wars, then Horizon would not have an 8.4 meta userscore, Detroit would not have an 8.7, Dreams would not have an 8.8, Gravity Rush 2 an 8.0 and The Last Guardian an 7.9. You will always have some fanboys breaking the system for all games, on all systems, however what you're seeing here is way beyond that.

Many people are concerned with the direction the entertainment business is taking, breaking lores that have existed for decades, or forcing content that doesn't fit with the story to push an agenda. Agendas are good in politics, but when a game is made for a large audience in the spirit of gaming and artistic creation, divisive politics are not welcome.

My question for you is, what do you play your games for? Do you want to be playing a game that sends you subliminal messages that are pushes by the greatest megacorporations of this world, or do you just want to escape into a fantasy for one instant to forget all the bickering in the world?

To blame the whole thing on fanboyism is disingenuous, and you can do better. Something similar happened with The Last Jedi. No one that is thinking straight would suggest that it's the Star Trek fanboys that all congregated to bash it. Sure there will be some like that, but the problem is much greater than that, and goes beyond consoles and games. It's everywhere now. There is resentment of the way the megacorporations are controlling what we consume, and it's growing. 

While I agree the review bombers are dumb, salty, hollow, unfulfilled, immature, incels, and TLoU2 is very likely a masterpiece, you are drawing the wrong conclusion. This is not console wars or "because the game is popular", but rather a toxic group of people not necessarily affiliated with other consoles. A lot of them were probably former Sony "fans".

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Immersiveunreality said:
RolStoppable said:
Review-bombing on this scale only happens to games that displease their actual audience. Leaks for The Last of Us Part II have been floating around for about a month and many fans of the first game didn't like what they saw and read. Physical copies of the game have been available since three days before official release date, so it's very much possible that fans who got an early copy had completed the game by the time user scores went live on Metacritic. The hate for this game isn't coming exclusively from people who didn't play it and have no intention of not playing it.

Review-bombing is not going to destroy the game or harm Naughty Dog. All the actual damage, if any, that can result for Naughty Dog will have been done by Naughty Dog themselves.

Your comment that fans of other console brands should be allies with PS fans rings hollow. After all, it is PS fans who find themselves in conflict with other camps all the time because they go out of their way to bash other gaming platforms while the other camps have nowhere near the same level of tension between them. That's why despite no buddy-buddy feelings between Nintendo, Xbox and PC gamers, it's very commonly perceived by PS fans that everyone else is teaming up against them.

Bolded:So yeah i agree with most of your comment except this part,at a certain degree you can just switch all the brands and make that assumption about all of them.It could be more likely that the biggest playerbase has the most amount of that kind of players but even that is an assumption because there are too many factors playing a role here to really be sure and how people feel about it comes mostly down to personal experience and perception.

I've been seeing that for years on here though, not just Chartz, but Twitter, IGN and other forums too. It's always PS is the quality system, the best games, "true innovation", while every other system has "poor" games, low meta scores, tons of junk and nothing outstanding. Like for real, the inane focus on Sony's SSD vs everything else, just makes that camp vs all camps point more so as reality, and it wouldn't if there was no fanboy focus put upon it (like we could just drop the SSD topics on this site entirely, if it wasn't so camp driven, because half the ppl on this site cannot even hold an argument against CGI/Pem, who actually have knowledge and know what's going on).

Also, check OP, he's hardly for anything else but Sony, holds them on the highest pedestal known to man, and suddenly with this game, all personal review scores need to be tied down and "controlled"?, nah, that's camp mentality right there. 

To me this game is amazing. Played 7 hours by now. I do think God of War and Horizon are better but this comes right after. It will probably sell more than those 2.

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RolStoppable said:
Review-bombing on this scale only happens to games that displease their actual audience. 

This game already has three times as many user reviews than the original game received in its entire lifetime. And it's only been out for one day officially.
So I do think it's more than the usual suspects (console warring) review bombing the game. And I'd say say there are a couple of primary reasons for that.

One is that years before the leaks hit the internet, this game became a prime target of a certain popular movement on the internet, who thought Ellie kissing another girl in a trailer was unacceptable. We had some comments like that here on this forum. And the boycott campaign began. And comments focusing on this subject commonly pop up in the user reviews.

Secondly, if the number of people on our forum who judged/spoke very negatively about it before they played it based on the leaks, or said they didn't trust positive reviews because of them is anything to go by, then that group is also not insignificant here.

Lastly, there's people who either have, or intend to, play through the full game. Whether they read spoilers or not. And I'm sure all of them are displeased on some level. Because the game's story by design is trying to be very very upsetting.
To the point where I've heard several big fans express they didn't even want to play the full game after reading the spoilers. Like this guy.

But he did anyway. And he says he's glad he did.

But whether people reviewed the game based just on the leaks, or had played a few hours (and that's enough to get to some of the most extreme and provocative parts I've ever seen in any game or film), giving it 0 because it by design did something to severely upset you, is not surprising behavior. Especially when it's this extreme.

Rather than saying the game did something to displease its audience, it's important to know exactly what it did, and if the critique is warranted. Or if it's even critique at all, rather than people lashing out in anger/sadness over the writers decisions to have their favorite characters go through this.

Because I'm also pretty upset by what I've experienced so far. I could show them my disdain by giving it a 0, but I know that wouldn't be productive. Not like any 0/10 review is legitimate anyway.

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