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Hynad said:
Pemalite said:

He is talking in hypotheticals, he says it himself.

You are confusing things here. He is saying the solutions in the PS5 is unlike anything on PC, and he is hoping all those companies will work together to bring something similar to the PC space.

Again, it seems like a very hard thing to do for you to admit something outside of the PC world is outclassing it.

The quote from you was a ramble about direct storage.

DonFerrari said:

Of course Sony nor Microsoft is forcing it. They know it is counter productive.

Also we know that a lot of multiplatformers aren't cutting edge or pushing the performance envelop.

But when the consoles have RTX on then, SSD and the average PC also have them it is more likely that the games that push the envelop will use that (not the limit on PS5 but a good average SSD and more RTX implementation).

And as said by other poster with the exclusives showing the full power and what they can get by exploring the limits the AAA multiplats won't really be able to sit still because they would look severelly lacking otherwise.

RTX is an nVidia patented technology, consoles don't have it.

Rather than assert anything is fact, we should wait on the games.

I am not proclaiming anything will sit still, there is certainly going to be improvements in every direction, it happens with every console generation.

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