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Immersiveunreality said:
RolStoppable said:
Review-bombing on this scale only happens to games that displease their actual audience. Leaks for The Last of Us Part II have been floating around for about a month and many fans of the first game didn't like what they saw and read. Physical copies of the game have been available since three days before official release date, so it's very much possible that fans who got an early copy had completed the game by the time user scores went live on Metacritic. The hate for this game isn't coming exclusively from people who didn't play it and have no intention of not playing it.

Review-bombing is not going to destroy the game or harm Naughty Dog. All the actual damage, if any, that can result for Naughty Dog will have been done by Naughty Dog themselves.

Your comment that fans of other console brands should be allies with PS fans rings hollow. After all, it is PS fans who find themselves in conflict with other camps all the time because they go out of their way to bash other gaming platforms while the other camps have nowhere near the same level of tension between them. That's why despite no buddy-buddy feelings between Nintendo, Xbox and PC gamers, it's very commonly perceived by PS fans that everyone else is teaming up against them.

Bolded:So yeah i agree with most of your comment except this part,at a certain degree you can just switch all the brands and make that assumption about all of them.It could be more likely that the biggest playerbase has the most amount of that kind of players but even that is an assumption because there are too many factors playing a role here to really be sure and how people feel about it comes mostly down to personal experience and perception.

I've been seeing that for years on here though, not just Chartz, but Twitter, IGN and other forums too. It's always PS is the quality system, the best games, "true innovation", while every other system has "poor" games, low meta scores, tons of junk and nothing outstanding. Like for real, the inane focus on Sony's SSD vs everything else, just makes that camp vs all camps point more so as reality, and it wouldn't if there was no fanboy focus put upon it (like we could just drop the SSD topics on this site entirely, if it wasn't so camp driven, because half the ppl on this site cannot even hold an argument against CGI/Pem, who actually have knowledge and know what's going on).

Also, check OP, he's hardly for anything else but Sony, holds them on the highest pedestal known to man, and suddenly with this game, all personal review scores need to be tied down and "controlled"?, nah, that's camp mentality right there.