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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Console-WAR becomes Religion oO Meta in big criticism, needs new rules!

derpysquirtle64 said:

TLoU 2 review bombing has nothing to do with console wars at all. And considering how low it's user score currently is, it just proves that it has nothing to do with the console wars. The current state of the console market guarantees Sony the majority that will be able to push the score in a positive range in console war scenario.

As for Metacritic itself, it has been known for quite a long time that it's user score can't be taken seriously with a lot of troll scores like "0", "1" and "10". That system is broken so I'm not sure why would anyone even want to use Metacritic "user score" to decide whether the game is good or bad. On a side note, the same can actually be said about "Critic" score. It's all subjective because critics are also just normal people that have their tastes. Which quite often causes some games to be underappreciated by them and some games being overrated for whatever reason.

Cerebralbore101 said:

I still have my dream site, where everybody goes to review music, games, etc. The site limits you to so many reviews per year, and so many scores of 10,9,8, etc. per year. You could upvote good user reviews, and comment. You can't post reviews yourself until you've reached 100 posts. A 10/10, or 0/10 would be limited to one per 5 years per account. So if you want to give a game a 0/10 or a 10/10 on there, you are using up one of your once every five years scores.

All professional critics are, are people that have some experience with the medium, and are mature enough to put a reasonable score out there. By experience with the medium, I mean people that actually like games as a hobby, and have played a ton of games.

As of right now, I think scores on Opencritic are pretty accurate to an 8 point degree. For example: If a game is rated 81, I could find it to be a anywhere from 73 to 89. If you remove some of the shittier outlets like Metro, or Edge, or Slant, from the aggregate score, then Opencritic becomes accurate to a 5 point degree for me. That does require slowly recalculating the entire aggregate by hand, without the troll reviews. For example: After recalculating the aggregate minus troll critics, you might have a game go from 79 to 82. This would make that 82 rated game to be anywhere from 78 to 87 for me.

Oh, and people that think critic reviews are utterly useless, probably haven't played as many games as the critics. It's easy to be impressed by a competent Hack n' Slash if its your first hack n' slash game ever. Or they see a game from a genre they hate, and think "I hate that game, therefore the critics are wrong". Reviews aren't written for people that don't like the genre of game that's being reviewed. Some people will simply like nothing more than western AAA games, and so they can't understand why Nintendo, Indies, or JRPGs get so much love from critics. Some people never touch western AAA games and can't understand why those games get love from critics. Other people think that the full 10 point scale should be used, and since critics generally only use scores of 6-10, they think that critics don't know what they're talking about. In reality it's just a difference of opinion on how a scoring scale should be used.

Anyway, it would be nice to have a user-reviews site, like the one I outlined above. If it were good enough, and influential enough, the industry could step away from relying on critics.

100 posts is a very harsh limitation. I would propose the better system but unfortunately it will probably only work with Steam/Xbox/PS games. Just require Steam/XBL/PSN integration and check that a certain achievement was gained by the user on account. Almost all games have "completion" achievements which can be used as a requirement to post a review for such game.

Yeah that would work a lot better!

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ClassicGamingWizzz said:
PS fan : last of US is getting review bombed

Same old vgchartz users: PS FANS ARE SHIT

RENT FREE in their heads!!!

Why do you think it’s mostly Xbox gamers? If you read them and not cherry pick, they are complaining about the story and Neil Druckman in general. An Xbox gamer has no reason to crap on Neil Druckman. 

Xbox: Best hardware, Game Pass best value, best BC, more 1st party genres and multiplayer titles. 


Saw this on twitter a moment ago, made me laugh:

To any mods, this is because I won’t have my fan group be a scapegoat to all this. We are but spectators. The only way we can combat the narrative is to give examples.

With the link, the guy statistically being a Xbox fan is unlikely given the text language, doubly so doing a stream play through of LOU2.

Xbox: Best hardware, Game Pass best value, best BC, more 1st party genres and multiplayer titles. 


I think the story stinks and the feelings are justified. "us vs them" is a minor-ish factor this time. Neil Drukmann (a self-described "character torturer" who also views diversity as a "pillar" of equal importance to gameplay, visuals, and story) cheaply evoked the wrong kind of emotions from the player, and it backfired big time. Many of us just can't fully appreciate the amazing aspects of the game coz we're carrying those feelings of anger, disappointment, sadness etc as we play through it. I for one started feeling numb and somewhat nauseous just 2 or 3 hours in, and it only got worse from there on. It's especially bad for those who saw the leaks and later the major plot points and ending.

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In my opinion, it’s all justified. TLOU2 even as far as gameplay goes is in no way revolutionary, evolutionary, or even better than the original unless it drastically gets better towards the end. I despise this game and I really think this is a bigger failure for the industry than anything gamergate was about. I might give it a 0 on metacritic if I feel this way at the end of it. FF7r has many flaws that I’m not afraid to talk about, but it was miles better in every way. This game is miserable and boring at the same time. GOTY is far away, but if this wins over FF7r it says a lot about the games industry.

TLOU Part II is definitely getting reviewed bombed but there are valid reasons why fans of the original feel would feel disappointed. However, it does seem like review bombing has been taken to another level, and it will be harder to distinguish honest criticism from a political agenda.

Its too bad we won't be able to get any meaningful discourse about it like the original.

sales2099 said:
ClassicGamingWizzz said:
PS fan : last of US is getting review bombed

Same old vgchartz users: PS FANS ARE SHIT

RENT FREE in their heads!!!

Why do you think it’s mostly Xbox gamers? If you read them and not cherry pick, they are complaining about the story and Neil Druckman in general. An Xbox gamer has no reason to crap on Neil Druckman. 

You blind, drunk or smoked too Much of that good stuff?

First i didnt even talked about Xbox gamers second do you think i give three shits to bother to read What some loser that didnt even played the game as too say in their 0/10 "review"?

User was banned for this comment - Hiku

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kazuyamishima said:
Statements like“the scores are coming from fans that are displaced with the game” are far from the whole True when the minute the user score went live the review bombing started for a game that is 25-30 hours or more longer.

Around 6-7 hours into it, I can say that it’s improved in most ways compared to the original, hence there’s no explanation why people are just giving it 0/10 and 1/10 with only using the same words as “forced agenda” or “ND destroyed my childhood”

I was one of the many not happy about the leaks, but once you play it you can clearly see that ND put a lot of effort on it.
There are many crappy games that don’t have user scores so low as this game.

But at the end, user scores, troll or not, are just opinions.

This is my take on it too. 

The fans of the original, who are displeased with the sequel, aren't posting nonsensical 0/10 & 1/10 review scores. It seems in popular forums like the PS4 subreddit, there is a noticeable divisiveness, but it seems like the majority of people are enjoying it.

Chazore said:

I wouldn't even boycott TLOU2, I just think it's another movie based game, with bad writing, and I've noticed Hiku avoided saying that for some reason, and some others on different sites as well. 

Because I had only played 3-4 hours of the game. How many hours have you played?

Why do you want me to pass judgement on the writing when I've barely started the game? That seems to be what a number of people are doing, considering the insane amount of user reviews that poured in 1 minute after the game launched. 
I've said before that I expect not to like this game. But I'm not in a hurry to make premature statements.

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