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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Lets settle this: Worst Main FF.

This is not even debatable, Final Fantasy II is god awful. I'd play XV, XIII, over II any day of the week.

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FFXIII Franchise definitely. I agree with leynos on all counts except I want to add that the obsession Toriyama has with Lightning is weird and creepy.

FF2 is easily the worst.  I am saying this as someone who really likes FF1, and I like retro games in general (if they are good).  FF2 is just a plain terrible game.  It's leveling system is also very similar to a certain Western RPG that I really hate.

If you only want to count games that made it out of Japan on their original system, then I'd say FF8 is the worst.  I actually really liked the characters and story, but the gameplay was just terrible.  I mostly just wanted to play the card game, because it was fun, while the main game was a huge chore.  Of the FF games that I've actually beaten, it's the only one that I never want to play again.

Haven't played FF14 though (neither O.G or Reborn), and I only played FF15 for an hour and then never came back to it.  All of the other games that got a North American release on their original system I've beaten, and most of them are extremely good.

IX was the peak for me, 10 was good, and everything after that I haven't enjoyed too much. Beat XIII but took me a few attempts to get into it. Played about 10 hours of XV before getting bored with it and giving up. I haven't played VII remake beyond the demo yet. For now XV is the worst.

I don't count X-2 as mainline but if it qualifies then that's the worst.

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Hiku said:
V-r0cK said:

Also FFXIV is constantly making Square decent money so it definitely cant be the worst FF game if anybody wants to count it as one.

I just really hate that Square used the mainline numbers for the online FFXI and FFXIV.  Like they just couldn't call it FF Online or along that line? 

The OG (original) FFXIV that the poster was referring to was a disaster, and Square Enix ended up shutting the servers down, while redesigning a new version, which would eventually be the one that a ton of people love.

The original Final Fantasy XIV, released in September 2010, was a critical and commercial failure. In response, then-Square Enix President Yoichi Wada announced that a new team, led by Yoshida, would take over and attempt to fix the issues with it. This team was responsible for generating content for the original version as well as developing a brand new game which would address all of the previous release's criticisms. This new game, initially dubbed "Version 2.0", features a new game engine, improved server infrastructure, and revamped gameplay, interface, and story. The original version shut down in November 2012, and was followed shortly thereafter by an alpha test for Version 2.0.

Oh that's right! Forgot all about that.  Guess they've been doing a decent enough job now covering their mistakes lol


I played FF1-12, 14, and Type-0. My least favorite and the only one I dropped was FF2.

I'd probably have to say XV.

From the ones I played it is FF VII followed by VIII.

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