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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Lets settle this: Worst Main FF.

why so many saying 8? FF8 is an enjoyable game, sure it takes a bit of getting used to but whatt FF doesn't? for worst i nominate 5.

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Chicho said:

why so many saying 8? FF8 is an enjoyable game, sure it takes a bit of getting used to but whatt FF doesn't? for worst i nominate 5.

It's not a bad game but a bad Final Fantasy and that is where the confusion lies I think. FF is a franchise with grand epic adventures of saving the world. With spectacle. You look at the depth of VI and VII. Lots of character. FFVIII sadly had to follow FFVII and it was such a step-down and Squall was such a grump. The story wasn't as grand and then there is the Junction system. Xenogears began as Final Fantasy VII and probably could have been FFVII if they wanted. If they let them finish Disc 2 then it might be one of the best if not the best FF game ever made. I see FFVIII in the same boat as Chrono Cross. People rag on CC a lot. It's a good game but a bad follow up to CT. If they were just their own game as a new IP I think they would be more highly regarded.  Similar to Vagrant Story. I don't think VS would be as loved if it was a mainline FF game. Just too different.

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II. There are other sub-par entries in the series, but honestly II is barely even playable, especially the original NES version. It's a shame too, because it has a much better story than I or III, but its levelling and battle mechanics are so ridiculously ill-conceived that they just kill the whole thing.

XIII would be a close runner-up, as it's just far too monotonous. Sorry, but if I have to wait a length of time the equivalent of an entire playthrough of any of the first three Mass Effect games until it "gets good", it just isn't worth the effort to get into it.

(I suspect I wouldn't have thought very highly of XV had I played it on release, but I bought it a year later with all the DLC, and actually thought it was pretty decent. If nothing else, I had more fun in the first hour of playing XV than in all the time I slogged through XIII)

FF8 is one of the best. It has the most clever system, if you dig it. It seems there is a consensus that 2,13,15 are the worst.

Chicho said:

why so many saying 8? FF8 is an enjoyable game, sure it takes a bit of getting used to but whatt FF doesn't? for worst i nominate 5.

A lot of people started playing the franchise with FF7.  And since then, FF8 is definitely contender for the worse.  As hard as you can try you could never get used to those plot holes.

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Final Fantasy XV. God I hate that fucking car, it takes an eternity getting anywhere in this game, quick travel ain't much better because of OG PS4 loading times, the combat system is not enjoyable at all and the Coleman product placement really rubs me the wrong way.

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12. It was just bad. The battle system sucked. The main character sucked. I don't think there were any good minigames either (didn't play long enough to find out maybe).

Haven't played 15 so, but it looks bad. 13 wasn't great, but was better than 12. 11/14 I'd say were worse than 12 since I don't like MMOs, but I also don't count them as mainline FF games, despite SE doing so.

of those I played ff8. I played up to ff12 btw

Final Fantasy IV because the story is annoying.


Almost every main character happens to sacrifice himself for the rest of the party, just to reappear a few moments later down the line. All other charcters cry and mourn in each of these moments so it makes you the player feel bad and sorry for the loss, but then the character suddenly reappears and nobody bats an eye. And this happens so often during the course of the story that it loses it's entire weight. Even the spoony bard does this. I just stopped caring after a while.

Oh, so now XY sacrifices himself, okay. Surely comes back sometime. Yep, called it.

Honourable mention is Final Fantasy I on the NES, half the game doesn't work because it's poorly programmed.

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Thread needs a poll , In pole position we have FF15 -13 - 12