Forums - Sony Discussion - Would you consider getting the PS5 All-Digital Console if 100$ cheaper?

Would you get the All-Digital Edition if 100$ cheaper?

Yes 25 21.74%
No 81 70.43%
On the fence 9 7.83%

No. The SSD space is going to be expensive. The disks will be able to hold up to 100GB's, so after a few games, that's going to make a difference in disk space. Also, any backwards compatibility is going to rely on the disc reader.

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Yes. I haven't bought a physical game in years and IMO, digital games are cheaper. Also, I don't buy physical 4k movies (mostly streaming).

Absolutely not. Not even if it were $200 cheaper.

Buying it, even if it was the same price because fuck optical media :)
In all seriousness though, yes I will get it and save the money for even more storage further down the line.

I guess I will because I don't have many disc based games anymore but have the PS2 SMT games tho..

The digital version could also have a bigger HD.

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No, and I would bet the two versions are about the same price if not exactly the same, too.






Depends if backwards.compat or not

I bought like 4 games phisical on PS4 , 100% Will buy the digital version If its 100 euros cheaper, If its 50 euros cheaper no way.


Dante9 said:
SvennoJ said:
Nope, disc less is not a console anymore. Even if the sad version was free, still getting a disc version.

I would pay $100 more for a smaller all black flat horizontal bottom version though ;)

What, so the Switch is not a console?

It's a handheld yup. It takes cards anyway, same thing.

My theory is that the digital only version will come with a bigger SSD and because of that it actually won’t be cheaper cause a SSD is more expensive than a disc-drive

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