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Forums - Gaming Discussion - So... GTA V is coming to PS5/XSX

I don`t like GTA but it was obvious since the game is still selling good and BC makes it just a matter of updating and patching for the next gen. This is a true crossgen title =p Hope TLOU also do it so we can have the game of 3 generations.

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How is it not on Switch yet?


FarleyMcFirefly said:
How is it not on Switch yet?

Yeah, a Switch version would probably sell a lot, since people would like GTA on the go.

The game has stayed in the top 10 in the NPD charts for almost seven years. It's like it never stops selling, almost as if a new copy is bought for every new PS4 and XBO sold. It honestly doesn't surprise me that it's coming to next-gen consoles. R* is going to ride the GTA5 train until the wheels fall off. If we see GTA6, it probably won't be until late into the generation.

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It's in the road to become the best selling game of all time.

Well, unfortunately this trend hopefully doesn't last another generation . Wishing for GTA 6 in either 2023 to 2027 if not then we got have a problem XD.

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GTA VI will be out at the end of the generation so it can also be on PS7.

Mr_No said:
It's in the road to become the best selling game of all time.

Not going to happen with how well Minecraft is still selling. 

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