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Forums - Gaming Discussion - So... GTA V is coming to PS5/XSX

Wow, not even any sort of "Definitive edition" or remaster something like that? That sounds pretty bad tbh.

How many games get released in 3 consecutive console generations anyways? The only example I can think of really is FIFA 14 (which got released as the last ever PS2 game, the PS3 and as a launch game for the PS4. Though in fairness FIFA is more impressive in a way since it was released simultaneously in the 3 generations (which really speaks to the longevity of the PS2)

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It will likely still sell 10 to 15 million a year as well. I wish people would just move on from this game.

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Aren't people tired of this game by now?

I wonder how many people are going to rebuy it.

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They just couldn't leave it could they.

Will you have to buy the game again or those who already have the game will receive a free update?

Should at least port the PS3/360 version to the switch with minor upgrades. Seriously how hard could it be?

I have the game on 4 platforms - PS3/PS4/Steam/Epic Games. Hard pass for me.

Really disappointed that they aren't even considering RDR remaster or re release on nextgen/PC.


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