Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How many of you were owning both wii and ds? If you had only one of the two, what was the reason for that?

How many of you were owning both wii and ds?

Both 54 72.97%
WIi 13 17.57%
DS 7 9.46%

Wii, WiiU, Switch for me, I don't like handhelds at all.

However I did buy 3DS and Switch lite for my kids. I think it was a 3DS, 2 screens. It played DS games anyway, lot cheaper than 3DS games!

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I have both but didn't buy during their peak.

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Just a wii. I wanted one because the excite truck demo fooled me into thinking motion controls were finally viable and that the wii would adapt that tech to a game library similar to gamecube. Metroid prime 3 was an early pre-motion + stand out, but for the most part it ended up being pretty disappointIng in hindsight. had been waiting for a motion control reality since the activator ads in the gaming magazines in the early 90s. I ended up winning a wii in a drawing at my job. Ive always been pretty poor so when I finally got a handeld a few years later it was a gameboy advance. Bought it and returned it cuz there was no backlight, then bought and returned the sp model cuz there was no headphone jack.

Both, but the wii is somewhere in a box of crap. Still got my DS, play it every now and then. 

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I owned both. I've pretty much wound up buying every major console/handheld to be released since I reached working age. Except XBox One, but Gamepass is mighty tempting.

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Only Wii.

I don't like handhelds, so no reason to get a DS.

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I didn’t own any of the 2 myself, but my family had a Wii, my sister used it more than anyone, and she also had a DS, the reason why we had a wii was to play party/family games together, during that time, I had a PS3, PSP and Xbox 360, never used the Wii to play anything for myself.

I had a DS. Bought 2 actually. I was trying to buy a Wii for a spell, but this was during the period when they were almost impossible to find. I tried 6? 7? 8? times and gave up. I suppose that's really the main reason I never had a Wii. After my PS3 library grew a bit, I no longer cared if I got one, so that was a factor too.

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I bought both at their respective launch.

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IcaroRibeiro said:

- I already had a pretty old PS2, so whats to point having a Wii?

Ouch! lol

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