Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How many of you were owning both wii and ds? If you had only one of the two, what was the reason for that?

How many of you were owning both wii and ds?

Both 54 72.97%
WIi 13 17.57%
DS 7 9.46%

I own both, and they’re the two consoles I own the most retail games for of any of my consoles with both being above 50 games, SNES being third at around 40-50 games (although most are imports from the US and Japan), and NES and 3DS being a distant fourth at somewhere in the 20-30 range.

If you include download titles, then my Wii is well over 100 because of all the Wiiware and VC titles, and my Switch would be #2.

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I owned both, but I believe I spent more time on the Wii. I had the original blue clamshell DS (and still do), and while I played and completed some games on it, I don't think I started spending a huge amount of time playing portable games until the 3DS which I did upgrade to the XL model when it came out. Also, I wasn't married and lived in a condo back then, so my friends and I used to have get togethers once a week, and it was naturally convenient to pull out 4 Wii motes and play Wii Sports, Super Strikers Charged, Mario Party, etc.

I had the Wii as my primary gaming system of that era, and skipped the DS line entirely. The only reason I could afford the Wii was because it was essentially my high school graduation gift. The DS = my entire collegiate years, and I was a broke ass student at the time that once spent 45 minutes staring at a box of Sonic Adventure 2 for the GameCube wondering if I could afford to pay Blockbuster $10 for it.

Wii only. I had always been a Nintendo fan, but after the 64 I started playing on PC and skipped the PS2-GC-XB generation altogether since nothing there seemed to me to offer what the PCs could (and to some extent most still don't). Wii brought me back into console, since it was new, fresh and a really original take on gaming that I wanted to experience. I've said this here before: most gamers are conservative as so many people are conservative, all things taken. The habit and wanting things to not change, just to "improve" a bit is a cancer to society. Motion controls had so much potential, but your regular Joe would go "nah, I prefer games with a regular controller and blah blah blah because that's what I'm used to". To some extent, this lack of wanting different things is probably a part of why there is so much difficulty in integration with differences in a society. I mean, seriously, if one is not open minded to experiment something different and try to see how much better it could go if the investment would continue in something so unimportant as videogames, what are the chances that would happen in really important points of our lives, as, for example, rights of minorities? Well, that's something of a rant, but there you have it.

As for the Wii system, it was amazing. Some of my most treasured experiences in gaming happened on that little beautiful machine, like the communities from Excitebots, GoldenEye (FPS would never be the same...) and especially Monster Hunter, but above all I could have my father, who had always hated games in general, come to my place to play bowling. I only got it 2 years after its original release tough, since the PC provided what I needed in terms of gaming, mainly through emulation.

Finally, after my early teens I would not see myself caring for handhelds anymore (had a OG Game Boy), since all of them (PSP excluded) would look toyish. Regarding recent times I have to say I loved playing WiiU on handheld mode and continue to enjoy doing so on Switch.

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Only Wii. prefer homeconsoles over handhelds.
Althought, hybrid seems to be my favorite one now, mostly because the library and the option to play both in a single hardware.

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Owned a Wii and a total of SIX DS consoles that gen.

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Owned both ,i liked to play DS while multitasking other things like this forum.
Goes well with tactical games or puzzle games,also Nintendo systems always have quality in their gameslibrary.

Had both, though I got the DS fairly late.  Got a Wii as soon as I could find one in 2007.  Got a DS in 2009, over 5 years after it came out, because of a scheduling quirk at the end of the school year where I had a lot of free time and nothing to do but sit around the cafeteria for much of the day.  If my memory is correct, it was my father's idea.  At the very least, because of how absurd my schedule was, he was much more willing to buy the DS for me than he was with the Gamecube I had to beg for in 2003.  If not for that I probably never would have gotten a DS.

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Got both at launch. 04 and 06 respectively. Though I played DS way more than Wii. No More Heroes is still my favorite game between the two platforms.