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Which was better?

DS 62 65.96%
PSP 32 34.04%

I remember Birth by Sleep having terrible loading times without the optional data install.

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Leynos said:
My games are physical so I dunno. I pop in a game and it's ready to go right away. Prob brings batt life down some since PSP uses a disc drive. PSP batt life was never a big issue for me tho.

My games are physical too. PSP games are partially installed to the Memory Stick in order to allow them to run better. Same as PS3, except with certain PS3 games it was mandatory. 

I should also note PSP 1000 had less ram than later models. Later models had double the ram and better performance.

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hacked PSP... played ps one games...
and tekken DR and Tekken 6 BR was pretty dope


PSP because it had the games I wanted to play.

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What was so great about the 7th gen was that the competitors (sans PS3 vs 360) were so different from each other; DS and PSP were almost nothing alike, nor was the Wii vs the HD Twins.

I'm not a portable player and had neither, so I'm not sure which I'd pick; DS has Nintendo games, but PSP looks more to my taste design wise and has Monster Hunter.

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Flilix said:
Nintendo DS without a doubt, it has some of my favourite games of all time.

I got a PSP for free from the supermarket, but I couldn't find any games for it that interested me.

The fuck kind of supermarket is giving away PSPs?  My supermarket doesn't even have free samples.

My supermarket is giving out free Covid19 for all!

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The DS had a much stronger overall library, including a metric ton of Dragon Quest, Pokemon, and countless others, so that's what I'm going with. The downside to the DS was that I didn't like how touch controls were made a focal point of the two Zelda games. They're still good games, but I'd have killed for conventional controls. The ability to draw a path for the boomerang was pretty fun though. I also played a lot of Mario Kart DS, and Infinite Space, Platinum's second game, was a rare gem.

The PSP was pretty good, too. My wife got me mine after my DS got stolen. Had a solid library of RPGs like Crisis Core, Valkyria Chronicles 2, and especially FF Tactics: War of the Lions was probably my favorite PSP game overall. The clearer translation and redone cut scenes made a world of difference though the load times were a little rough.

Leynos said:

My supermarket is giving out free Covid19 for all!

That was genuinely funny.