Which was better?

DS 62 65.96%
PSP 32 34.04%

Which of the two 7th gen handhelds do you think was the better system, and why?

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I actually grew bored of the DS. Like 90% of DS games (nearly 100% in regards to JRPG's) were harkening back to the 90's. Its not special when EVERYBODY IS DOING THE SAME THING!!. Generic JRPG after Generic JRPG. The Winds of Nostalgia was the final straw for me. PSP had a smaller library but I find that it has more hidden gems.

EDIT - I swear all DS games had the same presentation for 2D and 3D games.

The DS had cards, the PSP used optical media. 'Nuff said.

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PSP. Watched so much hentai on that system that I couldn't live without it. These days you have phones if you want to watch porn on the go but back then? PSP was the shit!

Oh and it could also play games as well like Dead or Alive Paradise


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Loved the PSP!

It had some of the best handheld games I've ever played (ie. God of War, Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker, Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, Monster Hunter, Grand Theft Auto, and of course a large library of PS1 classics)

And I loved that it was a video/music player as well.

I even got the PSP Go. I took that everywhere and then docked it and played on my TV w/ DS3 controller.

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I own and love both, but DS wins, no contest.

DS had way more games, was cheaper, had better battery life, and more screen real estate. It was fully backwards compatible with GBA games. DS games were $30, while PSP games were $40-$50. You didn't need to buy a memory stick for your DS. The DS clamshell design meant you could put it in your pocket without scratching the screen.

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Loved both. The two greatest handheld of all time IMO. I spent more time on the PSP so that wins for me. 3DS and Vita were so disappointing in comparison.


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I owned em, but I wasn’t really good into them. I’d say playing GTA in the go was the decider for me. Saving Phil Colins and jet skiing was a great way to enjoy Vice City. I have to give it to PSP. I used PSP Go. I Liked that it was so nice and small too. I didn’t care for any of the other games each system offered but I definitely played a lot more DS games. Still going with GTA.

Had both, loved both. PSP was great for piracy and emulation though. And the library of JRPGs on PSP is slightly better than DS imo. Though it doesn't have any Dragon Quest games for some odd reason. But DS had the more fleshed out library even with all the shovelware.

If I had to choose...DS but I would imagine the library of each would have a lot do do with your preference.

Edit: Nevermind, I forgot all the JRPGS DS had. FF Remakes, Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest remakes, 9, Joker, Golden Sun, Pokemon, FE, SMT...yeah nevermind.

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The better SYSTEM especially for its time was the PSP. DS was just so much more practical, with a plethora of games