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i cannot wait or this game. I just hope it is long, fun and with lots of replay values.


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Amnesia said:
I am totally stranger to this series. Is it like a spin off or a main episode ? I am just surprised that they drop it in a trailer and not keeping it for an announcement in a direct.

The Paper Mario series only has main games. There was one crossover with Mario & Luigi, but that's a Mario & Luigi game. 

Here's how the Paper Mario series stands.

Classic/RPG: Paper Mario, PM: The Thousand-Year Door

Super Paper Mario

New Style: PM: Sticker Star, PM: Color Splash

PM: Origami King

I separated Origami King because it so far seems to have differences from Sticker Star and Color Splash, but does not seem to be like the original two games.

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I love this reveal for so many reasons.  First, I find the origami angle to be hilarious.  It's paper, but "Now in 3d"!  LOL.  I also love how Nintendo can just unveil their second biggest game of the year so far without a direct or anything.  Like a boss.

Most importantly this all gives the impression that they have plenty more games coming this year.  I didn't think I would see any new releases this summer, especially not first party physical releases.  I figured we'd get a direct in a few months and nothing until that time.  Nope.  Nintendo is just going to drop this game on us 2 months ahead of time, because they have way more other stuff to put into their next direct.  That's awesome.

Funny thing is I still haven't played Super Mario RPG.  Time to dust off the old SNES mini and give it a play first.

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This game looks great. The beginning is creepy and cult-like, and the rest of it looks equally charming. I haven't played a Paper Mario before though so maybe I wouldn't like this is I was already a fan per se. But looks really neat either way.

Also, Nintendo has such big dick energy releasing a title like this only 2 months after it's announcement

Hmm, I'm on the fence. Not fully convinced yet. However, I appreciate the announcement two months before relase instead of 5-12 years in advance.

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Odd timing, and I would say any game announced a few months before they comes out are usually not the best. Given covid-19 I will trust Nintendo on this one. I enjoyed Color Splash more than most, so I am excited to play this one as well. Between Bug Fables later this month and Paper Mario in July it will be great to get a few games in the same vein in such a short period of time.

Looks good. Not quite sure of the battle mechanics yet, but am excited to play it.

Looks great will be my first Paper Mario since Super Paper Mario

Moren said:
Hard pass.

This is the same design philosophy from the past two games, only with a shiny new coat of paint.

Could be worse. They could go back to the Super Paper Mario formula... *shivers*

Story looks interesting, visuals look great. And there are characters besides random toads which is always nice. Need to see what's going on with the battle system before I can be properly excited.