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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Paper Mario: The Origami King announced for Switch!

I have no experience with Paper Mario, but I love the look of this.

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The game looks nice. This is becoming a likely buy.

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Oh oh oh, I like the twist on the boss battles ! The boss is in control of the arena not you.

Btw, it seems Luigi will be gone on his own quest to retrieve keys for Peach Castle .... Will we play him in smaller segment ?!

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I don't know. Ill get it, but I was kinda hoping it would be more like the first two games. Don't like the look of the battle system tbh.

The battle system, while not being like an actual RPG, looks far more strategic than both Sticker Star and Color Splash. Good news overall on that front.

Sadly, it seems like allies won't take the big role I expected...

Edit, I'll put this trailer on the OP

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Partners are back and have names again! The bosses are hilarious! World is beautiful! Combat looks fun and challenging (more then the last trailer). I'm surprised in a good way!

Looks like a unique take on the battle system, could definitely see some nice strategy involved. Tape and pencils as bosses is so stupid that I kind of can't help but love it lol.

Looks like The Origami King will be at least one step above Color Splash which had a bit tedious combat flow with its card selection commands. Still, one step above Color Splash equates two steps below the original Paper Mario and three below TTYD, so I have no reason to be excited to play TOK. Rather just a game that works as good filler during summer.

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Not my (paper)cup of tea, but looks good for what it is.

Also, this game seems to be the go-to for Nintendo the day after a big Sony thing haha. UE5 on PS5? Announce Paper Mario! PS5 console reveal and games blowout? Drop the second Paper Mario trailer! 

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It still worries me if battles have some kind of reward. The only thing they seem to give, so far, are coins. And alot of them. I really hope there is a point to battling, otherwise I'm skipping this.

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