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Wyrdness said:
NightlyPoe said:

I think I choose to trust Monolith just a bit more.

After the last two failures, I'd hoped that Nintendo would disband the Paper Mario team and start over with new blood.  Scratch that, I'd really hoped they'd contact Square to finally do a proper Mario RPG 2.

Ah well.  Here's hoping Mario RPG shows up on the SNES Switch online lineup.  Been a long time since I played that.

SE cocked up FF more so and you want them to do Mario RPG 2?

Naw.  Not the Final Fantasy team.  But Square Enix has signaled that they want to make more old-school JRPGs and the ones they have released in the near past have been pretty good.

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curl-6 said:
Leynos said:
Anyone else suspect this is another Nintendo Unreal 4 game? Yoshi is the only other one I know of. Did they not say they had several in development?

I dunno, they already had a working engine from Colour Splash, wouldn't they more likely use that? When did they say they had several coming?

I found it. Not quite what I remember. Miyamoto said Nintendo's internal studios (plural) have mastered UE4. So even if Paper Mario is not. They surely have more in development.

Bite my shiny metal Cockpit!

And so the shredding of Paper Mario continues. I'm not surprised, I never believed all those wishful "leaks" claiming it would be a return to form despite the developers saying that wasn't gonna happen. Still it sucks to see yet another not sequel to TTYD, yet another "Paper Mario" in name and aesthetics only. They said they were gonna do something different to both the originals and the sticker stars with their next game, but this looks to be pretty in line with the latter. Well whatever, in a sense we did already get a true successor to TTYD called Bug Fables so whatever.

On the brightside, this hopefully means they'll announce other games outta nowhere like this.

By the by, it's really extraordinary that IS keeps pushing this style. Color Splash's producer already said why they want to do so, to keep creating new kinds of experiences, but they must know this direction it's not particularly as liked as the two first entries. Sticker Star wasn't more of a hit that the two first games, either.

They don't seem to give a flying fuck about it, and that's good, in a way.

I'm not very interested in this series, but it's good that the characters are three dimensional.
And the game looks beautiful

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Well, that came out of nowhere!

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I just realized that I have yet to comment on this, despite having created the thread xD

The only Paper Mario I have ever played is Color Splash. And I abandoned it halfway through. I loved the visuals, I loved the music, I loved the humour, I had a reasonable amount of fun outside of battles... But the battles. Fuck the battles. The whole thing was so terribly executed. Like... there was no reason to fight. You had a paint meter that "restricted" how many cards you could use in battle. But you got paint literally every step you took, so it was a non factor. And it was the same with cards. You just got cards everywhere! To the point where I never even came close to run out of them. I had dozens of cards at all times. And it was a pain in the ass to scroll through all of those to get the one you actually wanted. And since there was no experience, leveling system or any increasing in the enemies power... yeah, there was absolutely no point in fighting. So in the end I just got bored.

Paper Mario: The Origami King looks promising in the sense that everything I liked about Color Splash is there but multiplied by 100 and with additions that I'm very looking forward. The visuals are even more beautiful than before, the story seems more elaborated and interesting without giving up on the fantastic humour of the previous entry and the gameplay outside of battles seems like a grand open adventure where you will experience tons of exciting stuff, see/explore lots of charming enviroments and meet interesting characters. I'm all in for that.

But... the fact that we still don't know exactly how the battle system will work is really bugging me. I hope they find a way of making it satisfactory, meaningful and at least challenging enough to not feel like I'm overpowered all the time. If it's just another Color Splash... I don't know if I will buy this.

At the very least, I'm excited to a point and I wish I can like this.

NightlyPoe said:
Wyrdness said:

SE cocked up FF more so and you want them to do Mario RPG 2?

Naw.  Not the Final Fantasy team.  But Square Enix has signaled that they want to make more old-school JRPGs and the ones they have released in the near past have been pretty good.

The ones they've released aren't by their internal teams they're developed by Acquire and Silicon Studio.

xMetroid said:
This looks AMAZING. And now i'm no longer worried for this year. Big game in July annonced randomly on Twitter mid May.
Game looks fresh and full of ideas, you really see the difference with teams having lots of time to work on their projects.

Apparently partners are back btw.

I wouldn't call Paper Mario a big game exactly.  It has Mario in the title.  But, other than that, it's more of a single-A game IMO.  Not that there's anything wrong with it.  But, it's not going to sell 10m copies or anything like that.

TruckOSaurus said:
Silly Nintendo dropping game announcements out of nowhere! This looks really good! Love the Origami theme.

For this series, origami seem like a non brainer. In hindsight, I'm surprised that didn't get to it already.

GoOnKid said:

Hmm, I'm on the fence. Not fully convinced yet. However, I appreciate the announcement two months before relase instead of 5-12 years in advance.

Some people get all hot and bothered from game reveals.  But, the vast majority of is aren't convinced about the quality of a game from a single promotional video.  So, I'd say you're in the 99% or so who require more than the publisher's word that a game is good before falling in love with it.  

17th of July ... it looks like it supposed to be one of the E3's stealth drops.